NO Warranty on 2014 Stone (Matte) Black Thunderbird 350/500!

A timeline photo on Motor Vikatan’s (a Tamil automobile magazine) Facebook page has all that it takes to make a body curse out loud or thank his guardian angel.


If you had already bought your Royal Enfield Thunderbird 2014 in stone (matte) black color (chances of which are none, since deliveries of 2014 models are yet to start), and that color being one of the reasons to sway you into buying the bike, you have every reason to pull at your hair. If you were just about to book a Thunderbird in stone (matte) black color, you will be forgiven for making a quick U-turn at the showroom.

The timeline photograph is of a disclaimer obviously stuck up on 2014 lot of Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350cc/500cc bikes and relates to the factory painted stone (matte) black color. It says that to prolong the life of the paint, one must not polish it, wash it with anything but plain water, and to protect from scratches and marks. Honest enough. Then there is more. It proclaims, right where the rider can see it every time he swings his leg across the bike, that “No warranty for this colour.”


One admires the honesty, but all this could have been mentioned some place inside the bikes’ maintenance and repair manual and nobody could have been the wiser. Pasting it where it would catch the eye and make a prospective buyer get ideas is perhaps not the best idea that’s been out of the Royal Enfield, Thiruvottiyur as of yet.

Honesty is the best policy…but that’s after you’ve tested the efficacy of other policies. Nonetheless, do tell us if you will still consider buying the new RE Thunderbird in Stone (matte) Black?

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