Royal Enfield Himalayan vs. Scram 411 – How Different Are They??

The Royal Enfield Scram 411 and Himalayan 411 are very similar to each other… let’s look how different they are…

With the latest launch of Himalayan Scram 411, Royal Enfield are now offering two machines which can comfortably take the rider to the desired destination on any tarmac and through any terrain. 

By now, it is common knowledge that the Scram 411 is a toned-down and subdued version of the Himalayan ADV. The company calls it the ‘ADV-Crossover’. 

But how different are these two bikes??

Let’s take a look – 

  • Ground Clearance –

Thanks to its 21” front wheel, the Himalayan ADV has  20 mm more ground clearance. 

The Scram 411 is a more road focused machine and therefore is running a 19” front tyre, but does get dual-purpose tyres as standard. 

RE Himalayan RE Scram 411
220 mm 200 mm

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  • Seat Height –

The ADV characteristic of the Himalayan means that it sports a seat height of 800 mm, 5 mm more than the Scram 411 sibling. 

The lower seat height will allow more riders of various stature to opt for the Scram 411. 

RE Himalayan RE Scram 411
800 mm 795 mm
  • Dimensions –

The Scram 411 has a 10 mm shorter wheelbase than the Himalayan. 

This combined with 30 mm shorter length, further thanks to smaller front wheelbase, will translate into the Scram being a better on-tarmac machine. 

DimensionRE Himalayan RE Scram 411
Wheelbase1465 mm 1455 mm
Length2190 mm 2160 mm

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  • Front Suspension –

According to RE, both siblings are using similar suspension setup but the scram has newer and revised internals.

This has resulted in the front forks of the Scram 411 to have 10 mm shorter suspension travel. This will make it stiffer, more suitable for on-road performance. 

RE Himalayan RE Scram 411
200 mm 190 mm
  • ABS switchability –

The Himalayan gets the native ability to allow the rider to switch off the rear ABS of the bike by the push of a dedicated button. This makes the bike more manageable on the rough and rocky terrain. 

However, the Scram 411 does not get this ability, due to its road-focused nature. This means the Scram 411 will not be very suitable for technical off-roading scenarios. 

RE Himalayan RE Scram 411
Switchable (Front On, Rear off)Non-Switchable 
  • Price – 
RE Himalayan RE Scram 411
Starts at Rs. 2.14 Lakh (ex-showroom)Starts at Rs. 2.03 Lakh (ex-showroom)

Other than the above point of differences, both the siblings are very similar to each other in every aspect – engine, features, fuel capacity, power, transmission etc.