Royal Enfield Doubles Exports; Dec 2021 Sales Also Grow

We list Royal Enfield December 2021 sales numbers including its Year-to-date figures. The company is doing pretty good in exports…

Royal Enfield – the oldest motorcycle brand in continuous production – sees a higher sales number for the month of December 2021. With total sales of 73,739 units the company saw a Year Over Year (YOY) growth of 6.88% overall.

Domestic sales for December 2021 stood at 65,187 units, a minor 0.47% drop from 65,492 units in December 2020. Exports numbers, on the other hand, were 8,552 units, up by whopping 144.13% in comparison to 3,503 units in December 2020.

Royal Enfield December 2021 sales
RE is testing various motorcycles for the Indian as well as export markets…

Year to Date Numbers

The total sales for Royal Enfield grew by 2.24% from 4,07,456 units in 2020 to 4,16,593 units this year 2021 (from April to December 2021). The increment is over 9000 units.

At 3,60,898 units, Domestic numbers shrunk by 5.96%. However, continued focus towards international markets is paying dividends as export numbers have grown by whopping 135 percent from around 23,000 units to almost 56,000 units – an increase of 32,018 units.

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As our local 2-wheeler market has been battling since the last 2-3 years, many Indian makers have started focusing on export markets and that is clearly doing the trick for them.

It is not just aggression in sales but Royal Enfield is working on more powerful motorcycles that can fit as entry level products in developed markets. It has also tightened its overall quality levels so that it does not carry its neutral perception over to these fairly new markets (for the company). It will be interesting to see at what levels does the Chennai based maker end this fiscal…