Hi, I’m Nasir from Bangalore and this is to put forward my case of psychological stress and mental trauma faced by booking a Royal Enfield Classic 500.

Background: I am a die-hard fan of Royal Enfiled motorcycles and proud owner of a Machismo 350. I have been associated with “Spirited stallions” from formative days, the riding club initiated by Royal Enfield Brand Store, Bangalore. I designed the club logo myself, at zero cost. I love to tour on my Machismo 350 and even the Royal Enfield official website has acknowledged the fact by publishing my photographs in the “Picture of the week” section, several times.

Case: I had been eagerly waiting for the launch of Classic 500 in India, since its introduction in the International market. After the launch, as soon as i could manage to arrange for the funds, i went ahead and booked a Classic 500 and put my machismo on sale. Thinking that I’ll be a proud owner of the Classic 500.


  • Booking Date: 8th of December 2009.
  • Booking amount: Rs. 10,000.
  • Booking for: Royal Enfield CLASSIC 500.
  • Booked at: Royal Enfield Brand Store, Bangalore.
  • On-Road Price(at the time of booking): Rs. 1,43,000. (+ – Rs.500)
  • Promised delivery date: 8th of February, 2010.

Since the day of booking, i have been eagerly waiting for the bike and have been regularly following it up with the Brand Store. I got a letter from the Royal Enfiled Brand store (dated: 9th March 2010) stating that i would positively receive the bike by the 4th week of March. Today (23rd March, 2010) i went to the Brand store to enquire about the status of my booking and i was told that by March end / April beginning, i should be getting my Classic 500.

The Issue: Today, at Brand Store, i was also told that the Price of the Bike has increased as a result of the union budget, and i would have to pay the increased price for the bike, when it is delivered. Now, why should i pay the extra amount for no fault of mine? Or is it the price one has to pay for being passionate? I booked the bike with initial booking amount, and was given delivery date of 8th February, 2010. ( before the union budget) I was clear on my terms and it’s not my fault that Royal Enfield company did not deliver the bike on the promised delivery date, ( and still there is no concrete word of a delivery date), and in the mean while the new budget has increased the price of the bike, and finally i, the customer has to bear the extra cost.

Is this my fault? If this was only intimated during the time of booking I would have prepared myself for this. The last 3.5 months of waiting for the bike, without any realistic delivery date, has given me enough mental tension and trauma, and on top of that, now i am also expected to pay a much higher price of for the bike that i loved the most. I would request someone to look in to this matter, help me and take some appropriate action, before people like me get disappointed and loose the Passion towards the Royal Enfiled Motorcycles.
Still Waiting…

– Nasir

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  • Pratham

    Hi Nasir,

    This is really unfair. I am with you my friend…lodge complaint in consumer court..

  • I agree with Pratham. You can go to consumer court…

  • MJ

    i booked a TBTS in Delhi and the price increased after my booking and before the delivery…. but i got the bike on the old (and lesser) price…… dude try contacting sum1 frm RE…. i s’ppose the dealer is fooling u!!!!

  • arun

    A worst tactics from royal bike makers y do they do like this even i am a die hard fan of royal enfield bikes and this sort of behaviour really is irritating

  • Sachin57


  • Siddharth Soni

    Am glad Nasir’s brought this up. I’m facing exactly the same situation.

    * Booking Date: 23rd Dec ’09
    * Booking amount: Rs. 10,000
    * Booking for: Royal Enfield CLASSIC 350.
    * Booked at: Royal Enfield Brand Store, Bandra
    * On-Road Price(at the time of booking): Rs. 1,13,000 approx. in Mumbai
    * Promised delivery date: 60 days (which means of 23rd February ’10

    On Feb 12 2010, I was informed that it would take another 60 days(!!!!) for delivery. As eager as I was to own a RE bike again (I had one earlier), I was disappointed by this since I had made some concrete touring plans. I simply asked for a refund. They said it would take 10-15 days and they would notify me when the refund cheque arrives at the showroom. Now it’s 30th March and there’s been no intimation about the refund in spite of sending them regular reminders…

    Ridiculous and pathetic.

  • Avinash

    Hi Nasir,

    I understand ur pain. But as per the company’s terns & conditions, the price as on day of delivery is applicable. Its true for any brand.

  • anoy

    i dont get it why does people buy such an ancient piece of technology for such a high price.

  • Bharath

    Hi Avinash, whatever may be the company’s terms & conditions, it was the dealer’s fault for not delivering the vehicle on the promised date and time. So Y should a loyal customer bear the cost?
    @ Anoy your Q’ is right too but RE bikes good longevity of engines, and may be people like the brand or it’s looks or whatever.

  • Ritvik

    an article was launches stating increase in price of RE bikes w.e.f april 1ST due to the new emission norms that they are following .
    But luckily this is not affecting prices of any C500.
    Otherwise not only would you pay more for the UB reform but also the change in (ancient)technology .

    @anoy : what is ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY? (

  • Ritvik

    an article was launched stating increase in price of RE bikes w.e.f april 1ST due to the new emission norms that they are following .
    But luckily this is not affecting prices of any C500.
    Otherwise not only would you pay more for the UB reform but also the change in (ancient)technology .

    @anoy :
    does the word ‘THUMP’ ring a bell?

  • Venky

    I am with you mates, cause even i have booked the bike on 5t jan ’10…. Yes my pain is timed less that yours. but i still keep getting explanations whenever i enquire like the paint jobs are facing problems, or plain simple that it will take time to come. This time frame extends form 1 to 4 months with every enquiry… so cant say when.

    to add to this, i was not promised a written date for its delivery… so cant even file a case in consumer court.

    guess waiting is the only thing to do OR else call up Chennai and ask what the scene is like man… 😛

    gd luck Nasir \m/…cheers

  • Neil

    Sorry to hear about the delays faced by you guys – Nasir, Siddharth and Venky. Do update us on this page as your bikes get delivered, so we can try to avoid the problems you guys faced.

    Good luck!

  • hitesh

    reading up on all of your comments, i think i shouldn’t even complain. I’ve booked it pretty recently – couple of weeks i think. the wait time is 6-8 months!!!

    holy crap! RE do something abt. the production and let us all have the machines we long for in time…

  • Siddharth Soni

    Not-so-royal experience @ Royal Enfield

    Just came back from the Royal Enfield Bandra showroom. Went there to collect my refund cheque against cancellation of my booking made way back on 23rd Dec ’09 for a Classic 350.

    The showroom manager’s smiling. His assistant’s also smiling. Proudly (might say arrogantly too) announcing that the booking for 350 has been stalled for the moment and that the waiting period for a new booking is 8 months!!!

    Downright pathetic. The guys have gone mad.

    First, it’s no happy moment that a customer is canceling his purchase no matter the high demand.

    Second, it’s no laughing matter that the waiting period is 8 months; it just tells us that you (the brand) don’t care much about the customers.

    Third, Classic 350 and the new engine converted quite a few non-Bulleteers into going for a Bullet. But that’s just half the job done. If your service still sucks (like it did earlier), the same guys might turn their backs to you pretty soon.

    Fourth, the company can’t hold money like this and ask the person who made the booking to come and collect the money from the showroom. The least they could do is respect the customer, respect his time and the faith he put in you, apologize for inconvenience and try to make up in some form.

    Sure there’s only one Royal Enfield. And scarcity often leads to a favorable impression of the brand but guess they are stretching the loyalists much too far and far too often.

    I can go on and on about my disappointment but the folks at Royal Enfield might not listen. Royal Arrogance or Royal Lapses sounds better.

    P.S: I wanted this long comment to appear as a separate post 🙂 but couldn’t resist updating sooner. So this comment. RE enthusiasts who are game for abjectly poor service and the excruciating and exasperating waiting periods can still patronize the brand. I, for once, have opted out.

  • aneesh

    same story guys……….. booked in november…… no signs yet…….. but confirmed its in transit will get it registered in about 10 days or so (hopefully)………. im with all u guys except Anoy……… it wz mentioned in da delivery invoice tat it could possibly b delayed…….. BUT SO MUCH>>>>>……. and it has also been mentioned tat price at the delivery date has to be paid………. im not in favour of Re but………. just so tat u kno…. i hope we can get a tort lawyer or somethin….. who can sue on behalf of the hundreds or should i say thousands of ppl all over india who r facin this same prob…… but all u guys kno we cant go to da dealer and giv him a “dhamki” sayin “i dont need ur byk, im gonna buy a *******”…………….. u kno v’ve got no option…….. i just hope after v buy it ……………. it becomes a CULT byk……….. and everyone else on the roads or off it will pay their respects to us………

  • My heartfelt feelings are with you true bikers who just want to ride the RE. I have been pitching for a while now as to when I should put a booking for the C500. I’d thought maybe a yr later since I know the waiting times officially from the dealers are at 5 months.

    To share with you what I know: RE currently does not have a production line to supply the amount of orders for the C500 (obviously). I hear they intend to build lines & that means finding the space and importing/assembling the frikkin’ assembly line itself!

    We have been hardcore bulleteers because of what the bike does and is. This credit I will give to the Englishmen who built it ( yes ancient kicks ass for all of you that lives in the space age today and is oblivious to how ‘advanced’ ancient civilizations can be ).

    Today we have the C500 which is again built on a design of an european & an american (if I’m not wrong, from an article in one of our own Indian bike mags). Therefore, to what the C500 is today, the credit again goes to them.

    Then what for us Indians & the Indians at RE Chennai? What are we capable of? …. It seems, from the posts above, ILL PLANNING, CUSTOMER DISSATISFACTION & BRAND DEMOTION.

    Way to go RE. You’ve added insult to injury to your most faithful. And to ask for more payment after the initial agreement is just darn SHAMEFUL.

    P.S BIKERS – Karthikeya Singhee is a journo who’s done test rides and written articles on the Classic 500. Who knows maybe he’ll come across here and write one for us to RE publicly.

  • Siddharth,

    Thanks for the update. So, did the Bandra dealership give you a refund cheque or not?


    Thanks for sharing. Where did you receive all this info from?

  • Siddharth Soni

    @ Neil,

    O yes, did receive the cheque eventually but not after a month long delay. Should’ve got it in Feb itself, if I were to believe the words of RE execs.

    Anyway, I wish there were an alternative to RE in this country. I sold my Machismo precisely coz I found the niggles far too many for my comfort and their service no better. Thought with the new engine, those issues might just get resolved. But then before I could even check the performance or the service, they have this huge waiting period.

    Sometimes I feel, at the cost of sounding melodramatic :), that we motorcycling enthusiasts almost go ‘begging’ for good motorcycles or good service in this country. Shouldn’t good service be a given? More so when the bikes are meant for long rides like the Bullet.

    Was actually thinking of booking a Harley but realized even there, we are being charged more than double the price prevalent in the US. How discouraging?

    Anyway, shall stay without a bike before my mind is prepared again to buy one, or rather prepared again to wait for one :)!

  • Siddharth Soni

    @ Aneesh,

    You understand what you say. But I have a trouble with this aspect, which you’ve rightly highlighted:

    “but all u guys kno we cant go to da dealer and giv him a “dhamki” sayin “i dont need ur byk, im gonna buy a *******”…………….. u kno v’ve got no option…….. i just hope after v buy it ……………. it becomes a CULT byk……….. and everyone else on the roads or off it will pay their respects to us………”

    How paradoxical that we almost go ‘begging’ in front of RE people but at the same time desire to ‘command respect on the road’ by virtue of riding an RE! The situation sounds almost like an actress ‘begging’ a director for a decent role in the hope that it would bring her mass-adulation. Tragic but that’s the reality here.

    Feel envious in the sense that you could tolerate this prolonged waiting period and are about to get your bike. Congratulations 🙂

  • Venky

    guys we all are going thru with this shitty service i know… but i took the time out to speak to the marketing head of RE at the Chennai plant the other day and the explanation i got kind of made me sound content with the waiting period.

    The guy explained to me as to how and why they take so much time to make these units and the time they put into every machine they make which makes us feel proud. The slow speed is compensated with the quality of the units that are rolled out & thus, they have a low output capacity of about 80 units per month.

    even i booked mine in Jan but will be getting it in June fr sure…. again i was told that the standard and expected waiting period fr the classic is 5 – 6 months …. anything promised before that is, a false promise because the production capacity is like i stated earlier, 80 units per month.

    SO keep ure cool guys, and wait till u get that machine which lasts you a lifetime. thats what i tell myself when i loose it.. hahahaha

    cheers \m/

  • Siddharth Soni

    @ Venky

    Thanks Venky for making the effort.

    Here’s a perspective. Based on what I recall, I’ve read that Royal Enfield manages to sell around 40000 units (including exports I think) per year. That makes it more than 3000 units per month. Of course, these numbers pertain the older models (models with the older engines). They’ve discontinued these older engines. What’s left now are the models with new-age engines. And if they can only manage 80 units a month even after 6 months of announcing/introducing the launch, it’s such a shame. From a business perspective, what a goof-up by the management! Btw, all said, this is too astonishing to understand.

    Now comes the quality part. When was RE ever known for great quality stuff? Sure, the new engines (as per reviews everywhere) promise a far better experience. But the common refrain of hand-crafted bikes and ‘putting effort into every engine’ is at best a placebo for making people wait. Even earlier the bikes were ‘hand-crafted’. Did it lead to any better quality? Why do you think so many bulleteers of the earlier era shunned the bike when newer (though not necessarily as great) options came around?

    Look, I’m being harsh out here. The point is not to demean RE bikes in any way. I have owned one and I liked it a hell lot irrespective of the fact that I sold it for recurrent niggles and hopeless service in general. The point is to highlight the pain-points, making RE guys know what we guys feel and pushing them to act in ways which help the fans and help the brand reach greater heights.

  • Thanks Siddharth.

  • Venky

    Thanks mate 🙂

    and yeah, ya do have a point neil… as in instead of them bucking up their performance, they are convincing us to be as lazy as them. This aint really a good way to deal with it i agree.

    and yeah.. we have ALL THE RIGHT IN THE WORLD to be harsh on them…. after all… who are the customers huh?? 😉

  • Srujani

    Well, I am brand new convert to the club! And it scares me to see the kind of stuff ppl have written about the bike, the service, etc. But cant’t do much now, have booked it and will wait 8 months if I have to. Reason given to me for the delay: technical issues at the paint shop, RE had to stop production for an entire month. Hard to believe but anyways hoping for a sooner delivery.


    •Booking Date: 11th of March 2010.
    •Booking amount: Rs. 10,00.
    •Booking for: Royal Enfield CLASSIC 350.
    •Booked at: Dhone Automobiles, Pune.
    •On-Road Price(at the time of booking): Rs. 1,15,000.
    •Promised delivery date: 8 months waiting period, but the dealer has promised to update me after 6 months.

  • Nasir

    How i wish there was an alternative to Royal Enfield!!

    I see that there are lots of us suffering in the sour soup brewed by Royal Enfield – the company. Maybe we can shout togetherand hard enough to be heard by the guys sitting in Chennai, and hope for a few positives.

    Excerpt from the Printed letter i received from Royal Enfield (dated 9th march,2010) reads as follows:

    “However due to unforeseen delays in our capacity expansion and huge volume of initial bookings, the delivery of your classic is being delayed beyond the committed delivery date. We request you to accept our sincere apologies for the delay and the considerable inconvenience it is causing you. While we are sparing no effort in ensuring the earliest possible delivery, the date of delivery is likely to be in the 4th week of March 2010.”

    Today is 8th of April, and still there is no news of the bike.
    i called up the Brand store and was told that MAYBE first half of April.

    I have been in touch with the regional sales manager for south (Mr JayPradeep). I have written several mails to Royal Enfield. I have written mails to Eicher motors.

    There have been promises which have been broken. There have been re-promises only to be broken again. I have got an official letter on company’s letter-head stating the delivery would be in 4th week of March. And all i have got from them so far is a Royal Enfield CALENDAR.. featuring Milan Soman, and beautiful pictures of Royal Enfield Classic 500.

    i have tried, and am on the verge of giving-up the chase. The initial interest and euphoria is long dead.. a few streaks of passion do surface when a see a Classic pass-by on the road..

    Therefore, i am still waiting. Only the wait is not so painful now. I think i have become.. comfortably numb..

  • Siddharth Soni

    @ Nasir

    I wish your wish were granted ;). How good would it be if there were an alternative to Royal Enfield in this country…

    It raises an obvious question: why isn’t there an alternative to Royal Enfield?

    Answer’s pretty simple. Hero Honda sells more than 3 lacs bikes a month. Bajaj more than 2 lacs bikes. TVS around 1.25 lacs. Who would be interested in catering to a segment where just about 3000 bikes sell per month? Numbers aren’t attractive enough for other motorcycle makers of the country.

    Having said that, my sense is that none of the other bike makers have really tried giving a good bike in the range of 250cc to 500cc. Just imagine the last bike you got in that range was Yamaha RD350 around 25 years back!!!! After that? None! Astonishing. None of the bike makers have tried giving that to India in the last 25 years. And they still don’t.

    Of course, if the reliability is only as good as what Royal Enfield offers, you can’t have more than 3000 takers a month. Isn’t it?

  • David

    This is sad to know

  • Aneesh

    just picked up ma classic 500 after about 5 months of booking…………. happy but styll a pain…havent got it registered……… its shockin da dealer is kinda helpless………… i am a non resident of mumbai…… so no practical proof……… been working here for the past 2 yrs……….. they wer pretty confident about gettin the registration done but no i find them making wierd faces and giving me stupid responses…………… can anyone help out?????????

  • Venky Khanna

    @ Aneesh, i would say its as simple as taking it to the RTO and getting hold of an agent to do the dirty work for you….

    hope this but obvious suggestion helps 😛

    cheer sand happy riding

  • MJ


    In oct 2008 i bought Pulsar even i’s nt d resident f mumbai…. they asked for the flat rent agreement (properly done in registrar office), electricity bill f the flat (in the name f d owner) and the Bajaj guy asked for 1000 bucks for ‘some affidavit and some under the table to the office’…..
    i jes gave them 1000 nd they got it done in a coupla days!!!!!
    ask d dealer… he’s given a 1.3+ Lacs bike….. he can’t even give u the bike if u dont hv d legit papers!!!!

  • raghuveer arya

    Hi guys i was one among the sufferers of this loooooong waiting period. I have booked it on Jan 9th and my delear promised to deliver it possibly in 2 months but after so many calls and visits to the showroom i finally got my vehicle delivered on April 13, truly speaking i lost the interest in taking the delivery of the vehicle too on that day but trust me guys once i was done with the first service i started zooming ahead of everybody and then i really understood why ppl are diehard fans of RE. Every other bike looked so small. I was planning to buy an Ford Endeavour but now giving it a gap as i want to enjoy my bike throughly.

    All i want to say is, the day you get your bike delivered you’ll forget all your painful past and will just enjoy your experiences.


  • venky

    @ Arya…. congrats on your new rode mate…. which city are u in btw????

    OK this is really not fair man… i had booked mine on 5th jan and its April now with no end in sight for my wait… is there no order for their delivery?????

  • Adv.Nishant

    You have a clear cut case to bring those brand store owners and the company bow down on their knees, yous is a case in many fold, 1 its a clear cut case of restrictive monopolistic marketing policy and is void and challenge-able, and the way tp assail it is ti writ an application to the chair person of the consumer forum having jurisdiction over your area. you should not pay and let the knot perpetuate.

  • Anup

    The booking for classic in Trivandrum has been closed since 2 weeks. I guess it’s operation overload for RE.

  • Kevin

    Just cancelled by classic 500 January booking – can’t wait this long 🙁

  • baljinder

    hi naseer
    yaar that was the same issue that happened with me also.i told the dealer the samething but he replied “mujhe koi problem nahi hai agar aapne chodni hai toh chod do main aapke jaane ke 3 ghante baad isse kisi aur ko de dunga”bahut saare log iski w8 main hai”…at dat tym i ws quite that the dealer ws right” but atleast i got ma re c 500.

  • venky

    @ kevin.. not really sensible to do man… canceling a jan booking is kinda waterver… eveni ahd booked it on 5th of Jan.. .and wit a bank loan involved.. i am getting my ride in about 2 – 3 working days more….

    so my pal.. hope u dont end up feeling sorry later…

    cheers… \m/

  • Clyde

    Hey guys,
    I have been through the same rut and can really understand how some of you feel, actually I had given up on the delivery.
    Now I have been riding the bike for 3 months and the experience is awesome.
    Planning to take it for a long ride from Mumbai to Kashid beach i.e ahead of alibaug tomorrow.


  • venky

    OK i finally got my bike after waiting fr 5 months…

    the minute u start riding it. .its like balm on all ure hurt… heals ya totally…

    all in all i’ve almost forgot the pains of waiting fr so long … guys hold on is all ill say… this ride is worth the wait man…

    cheers… ride on…

  • Sai Krishna

    Well, my wait has started from 21 June. I am told 10 months to wait. Same story- hand painting, custom built etc etc. I hope that day will come.
    I wonder, if RE simply struggling to make the vehicle, when they will have time to improve upon the bike or is it that no further improvement is possible on the Bike? Anything sells attitude !!! Already police dept has stopped buying. The forum discussion indicate that there is an underlying aversion for delay. Even if the RE bike has some passionate buyers what about such numbers? will RE sustain their operation catering to only minority customers? is there any cost analysts at RE? I feel that only 35-40+ age riders like RE. RE knows this and make them wait so that they attain the age. Incidentally my visits to couple of dealer show room gave me an impression that dearlers have a care to hoots attitude, not only on customers but also about their show room. God knows what the RE sales execs do – probably busy explaining the delay (impressive at that, I must confess, and make the prospective buyer (and pathetic wait listed and looking at the star for any indication of delivery date) person to feel that he is made to wait for a machine made exclusively for him). Well that is it – I have spent part of my waiting period constructively!!!!

  • RE is playing on the economics of scarcity. Though of course, to its own disadvantage.

    Personally, am giving it a miss. My next bike is a Ninja or a Harley.

    Thanks RE.

  • Sanjay Singh

    Dear All,

    I am enough frustrated ….but there is no wayout . can any one share the E mail ids of Royal Enfield high officils so i can book my complaints to them and also convey them about the attitude of thier delars.

  • Asif

    Hey guys i have red all ur experiences. Even i was told to wait for 6 months when i booked a C500 here in Assam. But i talked to there Regional manager through one of my business contacts as i am also in two wheeler business(Got a dealership of Tvs) and managed to get get one C500 and aslo a C350 for my cousin bro. on priority billing within 15 days. So i would say just contact some person working directly under RE.

  • Nidhinlal

    C 350
    booked on march ’10… Still waiting….

  • WiseGuy

    U CANNOT go 2 consumer court, RE clearly states that the prices at the time of DELIVERY of the bike apply and NOT the price during booking.I paid 2K extra for my TBTS for the same reason.

  • Nidhinlal

    Dear brothers,
    My Classic 350 black is going to get delivered on this Friday,
    I have done some short cut to make the delivery faster.
    It worked !!!!!!!!!!
    If its delivered this week itself, I can share you those points…..
    Don’t loose your enthusiasm brothers…..

    • Venkat

      Did you get the delivery? Share with us your tips and tricks 🙂

  • dave

    Another Indian farce, and they wonder why people do not like trading with them, are the factory management the same ones organizing the Commonwealth games by any chance?

  • Rahul Belekar

    i have booked a CL500 on 24 April, i was given a waiting period of 6 months, there are just 16 odd days left for the waiting period and no sign of the bike, when i call up the showroom all they say is that they don’t get any lot of CL500 from RE…
    After reading all the comments now even i feel that i’m not gonna get the bike in time, RE has really disappointed their “FAN’s” this time……

    • Rahul Belekar

      hi guys m really happy today cause after a long wait i’m finally getting my classic 500 on tuesday….
      i just got a call from the showroom to get the payment done an will get the mean machine by tuesday…..
      actually theres a small thing that i did and m getting the bike, or else they would have extended the waiting time….
      actually what i did was i mailed to the customer service of RE saying that the waiting time given to me was 6months and that it was almost over…..
      and that i did not hear from the dealers….. i did not fire them on it but just made their pride and prestige go low in a very decent way,
      guys if the waiting preriod is already up and u’ll did not get the CL500/CL350
      than u’ll can try doing this….
      and happy thumping

  • hello friends i have booked my royal enfield 350 from bandra on the 4th of october and they only charged 1000rs for booking the bike and the waithing is 8-10 months so is there any chances in which i might not recive the bike…

    • Rahul belekar

      hey hi no I don’t suppose there is any reason for u to worry even I had paid a booking amount of 1000rs and I still happen to get the bike so no need to worry.

  • Vishal

    This comment is regarding customer satisfaction and coustomer service provided at the RE flagship store, Bangalore.
    I more or less faced issues when taking delivery of my bike too! These guys out there at the RE showroom are sooo rude! First of all, which manufacturer sells you a NEW bike with a bent number plate!? when i asked the lady at the showroom, all she said is a blunt, “we cannot do anything now, we are out of stock of number plates and this can be taken care of only during the first service!!”
    Do any of you guys know how to get in touch with some of the senior management authorities of RE, be it postal address or an email address. Please let me know, my email address is Vishaldiablo14@gmail.com

  • Akshay

    Hi guys,

    I just booked my dream bike today: Royal Enfield Electra 5S 350 cc@the Royal Enfield Show room in Jayanagar, Bangalore. I have been told that the minimum waiting period for this bike would be 8 months but the guys at the store tried to cheer me up by saying that most of their previous customers have got their bikes before that. So I’m just going to keep my fingers crossed and keep counting the days until I get mine!

  • Rahul Belekar

    hi guys,

    anyone interested in buying a royal enfield classic 500cc.. a friend of mine had booked it earlier and is not interested in buying it and a bike has been alloted to him…

    so if anyone is interested than plz PM

    the bike has to be picked up from the showroom at goa (preferably cash/ DD)

    the person who comes down with the cash would get the bike …….
    within the next two days or the bike would get alloted to someone else…

    • vinay

      i m interested pls mail me what is the color and how about registration proceedure as i am a resident of delhi

  • Ram


    I know this comes late. I have been hearing the same story from a whole bunch of my friends who wanted to buy a Bullet.

    Some thoughts to consider for all of us.

    Price increase: This is a classic case where vehicle manufacturers have to choose between passing the additional price due to increase in excise duties or sales tax to the customer or absorb it, due to the recent union budget. Some years back, our parents went through this experience for the Bajaj Chetak scooters and then it was for the Maruti 800 cars. More of the same happened for the Yamaha RX 100 bikes when they were in demand. If the manufacturers think that they can pass on the price to the buyer they will. I do agree that this is not fair, but as the saying goes, nothing is fair in love and business. And when it comes to buying a Bullet, most buyers buy it for the love of the bike. Hence the clash.

    Long waiting time: When I purchased my Mach in Mid 2009, a TBTS 350 had a 2 week delivery time, including the time it took for registration formalities. My Mach 500 was delivered in 11 days flat against the promised 3 weeks for the bike to come from the factory. I knew I was the lucky few as the Mach 500 is a limited edition anyway. Today, Royal Enfield is faced with a major dilemma. They usually make around 5000 – 6000 bikes a month. They still built the bikes individually by had and do not resort to the assembly line approach of the japanese bike makers. So we get a hand crafted bike. Problem is that they cannot increase this capacity overnight. Also they have growing demand from overseas markets, esp from Europe. I read in one of REs press releases that the demand has spiralled up to 15,000 bikes a month.

    The bullet has always been a low volume specialized “hand built” bike. So if you own one, you know that you have a very special machine.

    I am not supporting RE here. Just wanted to offer a shoulder

    Ride safe folks and always wear a helmet when you ride.


  • sansha

    Man, when I see the pain you have been thru.. I know I’m not alone 😉
    Booked RE classic in october 2010, 7 months and desparate angry mails to the sales, dealers and even the RE ceo followed..

    Its almost like we are delivering a baby 😉 labour pains included 🙂

    Today I got the call from the dealer in pune, went and paid up.. Have been promissed the completion of RTO formalities in 3 days.. Then its riding time baby!!

    Happy riding!

  • Raj Hemdev

    Shame On Royal En Field for Cheating Innocent Citizens…..!!!
    Classic 500 Delivered battery down next day.
    Battery changed by No. 1 Dealer from Pune Dhone Royal En Field Down again after 2 days..!!
    Classic 500 went for repair on day 4th and delivered after keeping in workshop for 2 days.
    All good except some jerks for next 10 days.
    Could not start again battery is fine now Ignition switch is faulty & vehicle remains un -operational for more than a month.This is 3rd month but I could drive not more than 215 kms. as always when I need to use the vehicle but faulty & couldnot start.
    Shame on Royal en Field for poor cheap specification/parts.
    Now filing a legal action in 48 hours uless full refund+ compensation+ letter of appology from Royal en Field is received.

  • srig

    Guys I have booked my CL 350 yesterday at Chennai, Southern motors!
    The showroom exec (my friend’s friend) told it will take 4 months until delivery!! One month time to change the colour!!
    Sad news – production is stopped for maintenance for the next 15 days!!
    keeping my fingers crossed!…..

  • srig

    *Can change the color I have chosen now within the next 30 days*

  • Venkatesh

    Can you share what is the onroad price of thunderbird500cc in bangalore and when RE is planning to start booking for this vehicle?