5 Reasons to Renew Bike Insurance Online

In countries like India with a variety of terrains and roads, bikes are possibly the most adaptable modes of transport in both urban and rural settings. However, for any bike owner, a bike insurance policy is crucial. Bike insurance offers security against any kind of unforeseen situation such as an accident, theft of bike or a natural disaster. It also offers protection against third-party liabilities that one may incur owing to bodily injury or damage caused to third-party property. In addition, a bike insurance policy can also help to protect you against repair costs.

However, bike owners who do have a bike insurance policy often do not renew it for a variety of reasons. This usually has to do with the extensive paperwork and formalities that are involved in availing bike insurance, not to mention the umpteen reservations and fears that people have with regards to the technicalities of whether a claim is accepted or not. However today, bike insurance policies are available online and can be applied for and renewed digitally. Below, we will look at some of the reasons why you should renew your bike insurance online.

Renew Bike Insurance Online – 5 Reasons

For anyone seeking to renew their bike insurance, it is very important to always remember the due dates and apply accordingly. In case you do forget, the policy will consider as a break-in policy. Today, any bike or two-wheeler insurance can be renewed online easily within a few minutes. One of the biggest benefits of renewing your bike insurance online is that the bike does not need to be inspected. The following are at least 5 benefits of renewing your bike insurance online:

  1. No Documentation: If you get your bike insurance renewed online, you can do so without any documentation or inspection of the vehicle. Since these are often reasons for people to not get their bike insurance policy renewed, renewing your bike insurance online is a feasible and practical option.
  2. No Extra Charges: Online renewal of bike insurance policy entails no extra charges. On the contrary, you will be saving time and petrol by renewing it online.
  3. Instant Issuance: Gone are the days of long waiting times to apply for and avail of your bike insurance. Today, there are various online portals where you can apply for and renew your bike insurance. With online bike insurance renewal facilities, you can not only apply for your bike insurance from anywhere at any time but you can also receive your renewed insurance policy instantly.
  4. No Previous Policy Details: In case your insurance policy has already expired, you don’t need to provide your previous policy details when you are renewing your bike insurance through online portals (if it has already been more than 90 days since your policy expiry).
  5. Save Money: The prime and rather obvious feature of getting your bike insurance renewed online is that you save money and time. Moreover, you can check out the variety of schemes offered by a range of insurers, such as those offered by Bharti AXA GI and others, compare them, see what’s best for you and choose accordingly.
renew bike insurance online
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Owing to online facilities, it has become very easy to renew your bike insurance with little paperwork or documentation. Renew your bike insurance online today.