Bigger Classic 650 Twin Coming Soon; RE Files For Name Patent

Classic 650 launch could be this year as the company is warming up with the marketing activities; first being the patent filing of the market name…

Classic is the motorcycle that has a major role to play in Royal Enfield’s tremendous success in the Indian as well as the international market. The largest selling Royal Enfield version was available with two motors – 350 as well as 500 – both single cylinder units.

However, with new emission norms, Royal Enfield killed the 500cc motor and hence the bulky looker is now sold only with that 350cc engine – and is a massive hit with that! During all these years, Royal Enfield has also developed a bigger 650cc twin cylinder engine and there are now multiple motorcycles based on it – that are all doing good.

It is, then, natural to expect at least one Classic motorcycle emanating out of this platform and we have seen multiple spy pics of such a product. The resulting Classic 650 has been under test for the last many months and it appears that the Chennai based maker may be getting ready for its market introduction.

classic 650 launch

As you can seen in the pic above, Royal Enfield has filed for a patent of the name ‘Royal Enfield Classic 650 Twin‘ that it can use. Currently under ‘Formalities check pass‘ status the company should be getting the woodmark for commercial use. This suggests that the company may be eyeing the festive season for the launch of what could be the biggest motorcycle launch on the 650 platform.

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A Classic 650 on the very potent 650 platform is one motorcycle that a lot of bikers have been waiting for. It will offer a stepping stone for the existing tons of Classic 350 customers as well as retro motorcyclists from other makers.

Expect very similar engine specifications as the Interceptor and Super Meteor for the bigger Classic but what will be the differentiator will be the typical styling that has got everyone hooked. In a bigger avatar it could be even more macho and even more likable. In terms of placement, it could be priced slightly under the lanky Super Meteor – to make a compelling case for itself…