WHATT? 650 Twins Outsell RE’s Complete 500cc Lineup + Himalayan!

Let us talk RE 650 Twins sales numbers against its own siblings. You are bound to be surprised by how well the motorcycles are performing in this gloomy environment…

After the Himalayan fiasco, Royal Enfield has had a dream run with its 650 Twins – the Interceptor 650 and the Continental GT 650. This also has a lot to do with the quality control from the company which was a big question mark at the time of release of the Himalayan.

During these turbulent times, the 650 Twins are doing fabulous business for the brand. Let us talk some numbers…

RE 650 Twins Sales

During the first seven months of this fiscal (from April to October 2019), the 650 Twins have registered total sales of 14,169 units in the domestic market. It has managed almost similar 13,785 units in exports – providing a very healthy ratio of 1:1. In simplest terms, half of Royal Enfield’s produce of the 650s was consumed in the domestic market and the remaining half in its export markets. It totals to 27,954 units in all!

RE 650 Twins sales
The Himalayan BS6 is expected to get new colours and few additional features

Now let us compare that to its own 350cc+ range.

Royal Enfield domestic sales for its 500ccs plus the Himalayan fell from 25,529 units in the last fiscal (April to October 2018) to 14,995 units. Led by Himalayan, however, its exports rose marginally from 8109 units to 10,152 units, during the same period. This totals to 25,147 units in all. Royal Enfield sells Thunderbird, Classic and Bullet range in the 500cc segment.

So, against this combined range of many established motorcycles, the new comers – 650s outsold them by roughly 2800 units.

Against others, the 650 Twins outsold the Dominar plus KTM 390s combined in the domestic market comprehensively. This is a silver lining for Royal Enfield amidst all the bad news surrounding the auto industry. A 1:1 sales split, plus higher pricing would also mean better profits to the company.

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RE 650 Twins sales
The 650s are new and use newer tech. This means that upgrading them to BS6 norms will be relatively easier…

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Considering that they are the latest machines in Royal Enfield’s lineup, and that they are relatively more modern, it appears that upgrading them to the impending Bharat Stage VI emission norms will also not entail a lot of resources as well.

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