‘Cheaper Motorcycle’ Officially Hinted by RE CEO First Time

..Could be a 250cc! RE 250cc motorcycle will definitely be stripped down and may boast of lesser features but it will offer a more accessible entry point into RE’s portfolio…

Royal Enfield reported its quarterly numbers recently and it has been very challenging months for the manufacturer. Remember, we are talking about a maker which almost sailed through smoothly during the infamous Demonetisation months! In numbers, it sold 181,966 motorcycles in Q1 2020, registering a massive decline of 19 percent over the same period in the last financial year.

To overcome the crosswinds, the company is devising various strategies. Recruitment of industry veteran, Mr Vinod Dasari as the CEO of the company was one big step in this direction. Apart from numerous other plans, Mr Dasari has decided to widen the current portfolio of offerings.

There have been a few speculative media reports about a smaller/cheaper motorcycle from Royal Enfield (link here) but it has been hinted at for the first time by the CEO himself. In a statement, Mr Dasari said,

To reinforce our distribution network in India, we are working on building a network of compact retail format stores. Royal Enfield Studio Stores will be an important step towards building better accessibility across smaller towns and cities in India and allowing discerning consumers to experience the complete Royal Enfield pure motorcycling ecosystem.

More importantly, he added…

We will also be introducing new motorcycle variants in the coming months to widen our offering and provide greater accessibility to our discerning customers.

RE 250cc Motorcycle
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This is a direct statement which clears that they want their portfolio to reach a wider audience and the terms ‘greater accessibility‘ mean that the motorcycle(s) we will get to see will be more ‘in reach’ than the current lot. There are chances that it could be new model(s) that will be placed lower in the range or it could also be stripped down variant(s) of one or more existing models. However, chances are that RE is going down the displacement order…

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RE 250cc Motorcycle Launch

Since the going has been tough and it needs immediate attention, the launch of this possible 250cc Royal Enfield motorcycle is expected in the coming few months. The question is – will it be a classic or will RE shift ways…?