Hold On..! Did Rajiv Bajaj Say Pulsar 400SS Coming This March-April…?

A recent interview of Rajiv Bajaj at Moneycontrol.com is the talking point these days. He confirms that there will be 4 new motorcycles launches between January and April 2015 to take their market share from the current 18 odd percent to 22 percent in the coming months.


While he did not reveal the names of all the bikes but in an obvious we expect them to be – Pulsar 200SS, Pulsar 150NS, Discover 125 and Platina as we have already talked about in our list of 5 motorcycle launches in 2015. However, he said something which has caught our eye…

Let us first quote him and then talk about it. He said,

…have some big launches for the Pulsar. The bigger motorcycle that we showed at the auto expo and those are due for March and April…

Now, this is interesting! At the Auto Expo, apart from the dual-tone Pulsars and the regular Discovers, Bajaj unveiled the Pulsar 400SS and Pulsar 400CS. It must be remembered that Bajaj did NOT showcase the smaller Pulsar 200SS at the Auto Expo in India and in fact, it has not really revealed it in India anywhere till now.

So, does that mean, from the term ‘bigger motorcycle…at the auto expo‘ Rajiv Bajaj meant that Bajaj is planning to launch either the Pulsar 400SS or Pulsar 400CS this early?


We highly doubt if it could be the 400CS (which stands for Cruiser Sports) since there has not been a single test mule that has been caught testing till now and according to the information we have, it is more of a 2016 probable. On the other hand Pulsar 400SS is a possibility since tons of spy pics have surfaced of bikes which either were Pulsar 200SS or the bigger Pulsar 400SS, since both of them look very similar.

Bajaj-Pulsar-400SS-Pics (18)

But is it really happening? Is the Pulsar 400SS coming so soon, before or around the Pulsar 200SS?

Though this is coming from the horse’s mouth, but we will still want to believe its a mis-interpretation from his side and Bajaj will launch Pulsar 400SS only towards the end of 2015 or early 2016. But nonetheless, there is no harm in being hopeful….

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