R3 Will NOT be Available Everywhere; Limited to Only 100 Outlets in India

Yamaha informs that R3 will be sold only through 100 odd dealerships in India

This ever increasing hype about the R3 is all right and we know a lot of you are already awaiting this beast of a motorcycle, but what if we tell you it may NOT be available in your city!

Yes, at its launch Yamaha, along with all the other bits, informed that their new YZF-R3 will be sold through 100 odd outlets across the country only! The dispatches will start by 20th of this month so you can expect it to reach dealerships in another week or so.

When asked about the list of cities they will ship R3 to, they said it will be put up at the official website, however, we are still awaiting it and hence, what cities are missed is not known at this point. But, in an obvious business-making case, the top cities of the nation will definitely get the motorcycle. Its only the Tier 3 cities we feel may not get the 321 cc Yamaha twin, to start with.

Yamaha has targeted sales of around 200 units every month and we have shared a quick analysis here.

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