Yamaha MT15 vs R15: Changes & Eight Spec Differences

R15 vs MT15 differences include a differently tuned ECU, type of ABS etc. We list them all…

With such a close price tag it may become a wee bit difficult for many to decide between the Yamaha’s two sports siblings. Many would want to know – what exactly is different between the two motorcycles. So let us list all the changes and spec differences for you..

Apart from the cosmetic differences like the fairing and headlamp, here is what has changed…

R15 vs MT15 Differences – List

ECU: Though the power and torque numbers are absolutely same, Yamaha says MT15 gets a model specific ECU which is tuned to offer better city-riding traits. According to the power curve Yamaha has shared the MT15 offers more juice right from the 40 kph speed onwards before dying out a little earlier as well.

To achieve a more zesty lower/mid range the secondary reduction gear ratio has also been optimised on the MT15 (primary has remained same). In numbers, R15 has a secondary reduction ratio of 3.429 (48/14) whereas the MT15 gets a ratio of 3.714 (52/14).

R15 vs MT15 Differences

19.3 PS Yamaha MT15 Launched at 1.36 Lakh

Here are the other spec differences between the two motorcycles…

  • Dimensions – The MT15 is a longer and wider motorcycle.
  • Seat Height – At 810mm, MT15 also has a slightly lower seat height as compared to 815 mm of the R15.
  • Wheelbase – The wheelbase of the MT15 has been elongated by 10 mm to 1335 mm.
  • Ground Clearance – At 155 mm MT15’s ground clearance is 15 mm lower than R15.
  • Weight – Owing to the lack of fairing, MT15 weighs 138 kg kerb (including full oil and fuel tank), which is 4 kg lower than R15.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity – MT15 has a fuel capacity of 10 liters which is 1 liter lesser than R15.
  • ABS – This is a big miss – while the R15 comes equipped with a dual channel ABS, the MT15 has been equipped with a single-channel unit.
  • Price – MT15 costs Rs 1.36 Lakh whereas the entry variant of R15 is priced at Rs 1.39 Lakh (both ex-showroom Delhi).

Yamaha R15 v3 Review

With not much of a pricing difference between the two motorcycles, it boils down to which genre of motorcycle you ascribe to – streetfighter or sports!