Battery Charge in 90 Seconds – Is a new Breakthrough Tech Coming

Super quick EV battery charge in 90 seconds – a tech on which two brands are working have the potential to change the way we see electric vehicles…

Mahle Powertrain and Allotrope Energy have joined forces to develop a new battery that can be charged in as fast as 90 seconds. Mahle is trying to create Lithium-carbon hybrids that will consist of Li-ion cells fused with supercapacitors.

Normally, electric vehicles take a considerable amount of time to be fully charged. However, with this new battery technology from Mahle Powertrain, EVs can be charged as fast as an ICE-based vehicle takes the time to get refueled.

The battery technology from Mahle and Allotrope features a high-rate battery-type anode and a high-capacity electric double-layer capacitor (EDLC)-style cathode. It is separated by an organic electrolyte.

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It will be highly effective for those electric scooters that are predominantly used for commercial deliveries.

Instead of contributing to the rising issue of low air quality index, the EVs can be charged very quickly without hampering the delivery business.

quick battery charge
Lithium carbon battery

As per experts at Mahle Powertrain, the battery they are working on remains stable at higher temperatures. There is no requirement of external cooling which would otherwise render the EV assigned to the delivery task to take a break from its job.

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The current batteries charge at 7kW the new battery from Mahle can charge at up to 20kW. Also, the battery will be recyclable thus contributing to a better environment.

Source: Motorcyclenews