Now Charge Your EV Within 15 Minutes Through This Combo

Quick charging in 15 minutes is now possible through this new product from Exponent Energy. Interestingly, it doesn’t matter how many wheels your EV may have!

Arun Vinayak, Founding Partner and former CPO of Ather Energy, has launched a start-up called as Exponent Energy along with Sanjay Byalal as a Co-Founder. Sanjay is the former HUL supply chain & operations manager for Ather.

Exponent has launched its battery pack & charging station called E-pack & E-pump that can deliver 0 to 100% rapid charge within 15 minutes for commercial vehicles. This combo rapid charges the EV and it does NOT matter how many wheels it may have.

Exponent aims to build a Flexible Energy Stack – a technology
that enables flow of energy & information between the supply and the vehicle to unlock a universe of products.

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The technology uses Lithium-ion cells & claims a 3000 cycle life warranty. As the best fast charging solutions in India are restricted to a few premium EVs, Exponent wants to get into the space and disrupt the market.

Quick charging in 15 minutes
This is Exponent’s E-PACK…

Arun Vinayak commented that the Indian EV space has massive potential. But to achieve that, the tech problems related to the EV domains need to be resolved.

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Exponent Energy intends to offer rapid charging solutions which is independent of battery capacity, cell chemistry & the number of wheels on an electric vehicle. This is real interesting and we will keep an eye on the developments in this sphere.