Questions & Answers – Round 5 (General)

1) I’m planning to buy the new Pulsar 200.Can you tell how the bike is and when is the new Karizma going to launch. Should I wait for it? -Vijay ; I was about to buy a Hero Honda Karizma but I stopped after hearing about a possible launch of Karizma FI by this October. How true is the news, and is it worth waiting? Please advice. -Sobbey ; Which is a better bike between FZ 16 and Pulsar 200 DTSi? I want good fuel efficiency, ride quality, comfort.-Samit Hardasani ; I heard that Bajaj Auto Ltd, has decided to stop the production of Pulsar 200cc. Is this true? -Jithin

BIKEADVICE: Pulsar 200 has been taken away from the market by Bajaj and in turn Pulsar 180 has been upgraded. New Karizma with Fuel Injection (PGMFi) is expected to hit the showrooms by Diwali and is expected to be a great package while pricing might be on the higher side (expect anything above 1 lakh, ideally 1.2 lakh).

2) Presently I am using LML NV (1990) and I have decided to buy a scooter within six months. Presently there is no manual geared scooter in market. Which auto geared scooter will be perfect according to mileage, luggage carrying capacity & Kolkata city? Is there any manual geared scooter slated to hit the market in forthcoming months?-Debojit Dey

BIKEADVICE: Honda’s Eterno was the last ‘good’ manual geared scooter. But as the market has seen a shift in the average Indian thinking, we do not expect any good geared scooter to hit the roads soon. In auto geared scooters check out the Honda’s Activa. It has been recently revamped with a bigger and more responsive engine and is more fuel efficient as well. If you want an even powerful scooter, than Suzuki has its Access which is a 125cc engine and comes loaded with a lot of usable power and is more responsive and has better load pulling power but a tad less fuel efficient than the Activa. Take a pick!

3) I want to know the price of Suzuki Lanza 150cc & when will it launch? -Yogesh

BIKEADVICE- The recently launched Suzuki GS150R was previously planned to be launched under the name of Lanza but later on it was dropped. So GS150R is the Lanza you were waiting for and it’s already in the market for the past few months.

4) Hi! I’ve been following your site since long ago! Such a great help for automobile hungries! I would like to know which would be better Yamaha FZ or Apache 160 RTR. By currently running student scheme (obviously knew from your site) FZ seems to be mouth watering! But its mileage is a disappointing factor. What about its maintenance of Yamaha bikes? -Dixit

BIKEADVICE– Thanks for being an avid reader of our site. This comparo seems tailor made for you The student scheme was till August. Maintenance of a Yamaha has never been a problem as such unless you do not service your bike regularly and properly.

5) I want to buy a sports bike. I’ve selected 3 models vis Yamaha R15, Bajaj Pulsar 220 and Apache RTR 180. Please suggest! -Abhishek Sanyal ; I have already booked a PULSAR 220 DTSI but m very much tensed about its mileage and servicing. Can u please tell me that what mileage I would be getting if I ride the bike at 60 kmph and sometimes pulling it to 105-115 kmph? I need speed, style and a descent mileage. My budget is fixed to 80000. Please suggest. -Avishek ; What is the top speed of Yamaha YZF R15? -Nishu

BIKEADVICE- All the 3 are scintillating machines in their own regards. But with such a luring price tag and immense number of improvements Pulsar 220 seems the best package and by far. Mileage of Pulsar 220 DTSi is in the range of 35-40 kmpl. Don’t worry about anything now, it’s a lovely choice. Top speed of R15 is close to 140 kmh

6) I m planning to buy a 150 cc bike but I am confused with all the 150 cc bikes. Now I have zeroed down on to FZ and Unicorn but I am still confused between these two. My friends say that Unicorn has vibrations issues and it lacks pick up and FZ has a narrow seat but I m thinking to go for Unicorn. Will it be the right choice? I am looking for overall performance Please help me! -Sudin

BIKEADVICE: Never believe a person who calls India’s most refined mill as vibration laden. Unicorn is India’s smoothest mill and a proven one for few years now. But yes the bike seems grossly outdated and outclassed when compared with today’s machines specially Yamaha FZ. Unicorn lacks initial pick up and is lazy on the road as well owing to the segments least powerful engine and needs an overhaul desperately. Drawback of FZ is its low fuel economy. If you are strict between these two, FZ scores all the way.

7) Hey guys I am buying my first bike and I am confused between Pulsar 180 and the Apache 180. I have read the Pulsar vs Apache article and am leaning a bit on the Pulsar’s side. Just wanna know will the pulsar give me a mileage of around 45 kmpl. I will be driving in mixed conditions (city and highway). -Yasho

BIKEADVICE: If mileage is such a bigger criteria than you can consider going down to smaller 150cc bikes which provide an optimum mix of power and mileage. Mileages of both the the mentioned bikes can be around 45kmpl but when ridden like 100ccs. Anyway, go for the Pulsar 180, if you have made up your mind, the sheer fun and adrenalin it will give you while riding will make you do with a tad lesser mileage.

8. I have read a Lot of articles on your site about Bike reviews and all! But I think U must also have a section 4 newbie riders like me! I have got a bike, but still I dunno the right way to handle my baby. I want to know about the “Riding Tips” so I can feel the power n passion hiding inside me! I feel too inferior when people are riding their bikes freely, it seems their bike reads their minds, I too want to attach to my bike but I fear that I may fall . I dun care about the scratches I would get, but I won’t be able to see any line over my Pulsars body! So I wanna get tips on riding, braking, cornering sort of basic riding things! And after that I wud like to perform stunts Like wheelies etc. to boast my baby’s beauty! And I have a Pulsar 150! that was all I cud have afforded. -Akshay

BIKEADVICE: Buddy, thanks for your feedback and we would definitely keep these in mind. As for basic riding and maintenance, we frequently come up with very dedicated articles. I am listing a few of them for your reference. Towards the end of every article you will find a list of “Related Articles” where you can find many more.

  • Motorcycle Maintenance – A ‘Do It Yourself’ Guide :
  • Things to do Before You Take Off in your Bike :
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  • Safe & Smart Use Of Motorcycle Brakes :
  • How to Handle the Bike in a Curve :

If you still do not get what you were expecting write in to us, we would definitely try to get an article tailor made for your type of requirements.

9) I want to buy new bike, but price should not be more than 50 thousand please suggest me a bike. I would like to prefer Hero Honda or Honda bikes only. -Jitesh Chaudhari

BIKEADVICE: Bikes under 50,000 from Honda (Hero Honda & HMSI) we have the CD series of bikes, Splendor Plus, Splendor NXG, Passion Plus in 100ccs and Super Splendor and Shine just on the borderline of 50k in the 125cc segment. Among all of these the best bike would be the Honda Shine which provides a lovely mix of power while being pocket friendly at the same time. Expect a mileage of 65kmpl under city driving. 100ccs are way to less powerful and are just a tad more frugal.

10) I plan to buy a 125cc bike with good looks and low maintenance. I like Honda Stunner but I am confused .So please tell me is it good or not! -Nikhil ; Hi Sir, I am 6 feet tall & my weight is 68 kgs. I need a bike with good mileage, low maintenance, trouble free, stable at high speeds & best reselling cost. I wanna buy new bike in 125cc segment. My Choices are Hero Honda Glamour FI, Yamaha Gladiator SS, Bajaj XCD 135(Updated Version), TVS Flame SR 125, Honda Stunner. Sir I heard Yamaha & TVS bikes are not great in mileage & it gives high maintenance. Pls suggest me a good one. -Rohit

BIKEADVICE: Considering your physique and your requirements, it’s a close fight between the Stunner and Gladiator. Although we like the engine and feel of the stunner engine, Gladis is no less! But since the price of gladi has been increased to Stunners levels, the later seems to be a good bargain. While mileagewise Bajaj XCD135 scores over both of these, still considering as a custom made package we would recommend the Stunner (in fact choose between Stunner and Gladi based on your own priorities and comfort levels)
Nikhil, Stunner seems to be the best bike for you as well 🙂

11) Is there any new model of Unicorn to be launched in the coming months? I read it in this website in the month of February that a new model is on the cards. Please let me know the details and the changes that can be seen in the upcoming model. -Antony ; I’m 23 yr old 5’9″ tall guy with an athletic physique and 63kg weight. I don’t have any experience as far as driving a “geared” motorcycle/scooter but i’ve driven about 3000 km on auto geared vehicles like scooty. Finally I have around 6000 km under my belt driving cars. I plan to buy a bike for my travel of around 50km (to and fro) 99% highway driving. Now, coming to the main point-My father has booked a Hero Honda Passion pro for me but I’ve more or less convinced him for the Honda Unicorn. My queries are basically: 1. Should I make the jump to 150cc directly or should I get experience for a lower 100cc and then move on in a year or so. As such, this particular travel of 50 km is only for a year and I don’t want to waste money changing bikes. 2. How good is the Unicorn for the pillion? My dad says that it’ll be uncomfortable for him (aged 66) because of the mono suspension which, I doubt. 3. Is a new model for the Unicorn around the block ie. should I wait? If I buy a 150cc I plan to keep it for 5yrs or so at least. Finally my main priority is Comfort and NOT mileage. CC is limited at 150, not more. -Amey

BIKEADVICE: 1 – We would encourage you to go for a more powerful bike since your travel is majorly on highways. But before that, learn to ride bikes on open vacant roads. You can straightaway jump to 150ccs, in fact that would be easier to learn. 2 – Unicorn, or for that matter of fact most bikes (including passion), are just ok for pillions. BUT educate your dad that monosuspension has no role to play in it, in fact, mono suspension is one technology which improves the bikes handling capabilities. 3 – Since it’s a Honda, we just do not expect a new model in the near future (except for some upgraded cosmetic work which they do regularly). But a wait might be worth it. Finally, if you have zeroed in on Unicorn, go for it. It has proved to be one of Indias most reliable and smoothest bikes around. You can also consider Suzuki GS150R which is a very good alternate to Honda Unicorn.

12) Hi, I am user of Bajaj Pulsar 150 Dts-i since 4.5 years. I am very much satisfied with the bike performance and looks as well. I am in love with Pulsar. But now I wish to buy a new bike in 150cc segment. As of today there are so many models available in segment other than Pulsar, I need expert advice on which one is the best. Following are my priorities and possible uses: 1.Performance (Fuel as well as pick up) 2.Usability in city conditions 3.Price (Rs.55000-Rs.60000) 4.Electric Start My use: 1.Average daily running:50Kms 2.Used by me only 3.Regular maintenance is my habit 4.Mileage must be >50KMPL -Ashutosh Bhusari

BIKEADVICE: Hi Ashutosh, we would encourage our question askers to formulate a question like yours. This way it helps us to understand your use, requirements and likings and in turn, advice you better. Coming to your query, since you have already own a 150cc for the past 4.5 years, another regular 150cc would hardly be an upgrade; so why not go up a step! Anyway, there is a plethora of choices as you already mentioned and since you have already owned Bajajs for all these years, you can consider a choice between Hero Honda Hunk and CBZ Extreme. Ride them and make a choice based on the one which you like as both of them have same engines. Prices for all the 150cc bikes lie in the range of 63-68k on road.

13) I own a Yamaha FZ 16 (Nov 2008), the company claimed that the mileage is 40-45 kmpl in city but I get around 37 kmpl.Please tell whether it is a technical problem or something else. Kindly suggest some fuel saving tips so that I can improve my bike’s fuel efficiency.-Siddharth

BIKEADVICE: Mileage of the whole FZ series is reported to be a tad lower than the competition. At 37kmpl we don’t sense any problem with your bike, just that you can inculcate good and fuel efficient riding habits. Here are a few good articles for your reference:


14) Hi all, I would like to know which is a good bike for Indian roads as well as for weekend getaways with a fair balance between Power, Mileage and Maintenance. I’m planning to buy a bike between 70,000 – 80,000 INR (Onroad price). Can you please suggest a few bikes which I could go for based on my specifications. -Balu

BIKEADVICE: At around 80k we have a plethora or choices for your kind of riding.
Apache RTR 180 – One of the best bikes to have hit the market recently, immensely powerful, lovely braking and an awesome handler. Price 71k
Yamaha Fazer – A tad underpowered and overpriced bike, but is probably one of the best looking bikes in the market. Price 80k
Pulsar 220 DTSi – Probably the best a man can get at under 80k of money! Got everything and then some more…! Price 79k
Karizma R – The old loved horse of the industry is set to be revamped soon, is pretty reliable but needs an overhaul. Price 82k
Our choice would be Pulsar 220 DTSi and by far for every little thing the bike offers. Apache can also be a very good alternate (you would save 8k as well)

15) I’m planning to buy a 200+ cc bike & my choice is Karizma & Thunderbird. Few days back I read an article in your site on the HH Karizma ZMR, due to launch this year. Shall I wait till HH -ZMR or should I go with the existing zma? -Soundar ; Are any new bikes expected to be launched in the 200cc to 350cc segment from Suzuki, Yamaha or Honda? My budget is 1.2lac and I am willing to wait till early next year to buy it.I am aware of the new upgrades to Karizma, Pulsar 220cc, Avenger and Kawasaki Ninja 250cc but not very happy with this lot 🙁 Please advise. -Malik

BIKEADVICE: Market will take time to reach to the segment mentioned by you. Currently, an upgraded Karizma PGMFi is on the cards (expected around Diwali) along with the Kawasaki Ninja 250 R. One thing is quite sure that do not expect a 250cc bike from any Japanese manufacturer at sub 1 lakh rupees.

16) I am planning to buy a bike and I am confused. Right now I have 3 options- 1. Gladiator 125 2. FZ-S 3. Pulsar 180 or 200. I am 22 and have a slim physique. I wanted to have style and performance also .Out of these which bike will you suggest me.Please reply soon. -Mangesh

BIKEADVICE: Hi Mangesh, It seems to be a pretty easy decision considering the fact that you have kept performance as one of your prime most criteria. Since you can afford a 70k bike (and since Pulsar 200 has been stopped), safely go for one of the most terrific performers of India, the Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi 2009 edition.

– Answers By Saad Khan