Real Life Pics of the QJ350 (Potential Benelli 350) Emerge Before Official Reveal

Check out the upcoming twin cylinder QJMotor QJ350/ Benelli 350 pics that reveal the bike in total. It is expected to be revealed at Beijing Motor Show…

Qianjiang, the parent company of QJMotor and Benelli, is expected to showcase plethora of motorcycles at the ongoing Beijing Motor Show in China. Among them would be this 350 that has been patented earlier. We have got some real life pics of the upcoming model ahead of the official reveal.

Currently under QJMotor’s moniker, this QJ350 looks even better than the patent pic in this matte grey color. There is a resemblance with the other 250cc model that the company is making.

This full faired potential Benelli 350 is powered by a 353cc, twin cylinder engine that is capable of producing 36 hp of peak power and a max torque of 31 Nm. Unlike the patented model, this appears to be the lesser model with a single disc brake at the front (the patented model had twin front discs).

Key features include upside down front forks, split LED headlamps, clip-on handlebar, split seat and an overall sporty stance.

This is apart from the 302R that the company has comprehensively updated very recently. It is now Euro 5 compliant and should be launched in India in the months to come. This 350 may either add to the portfolio or be limited to markets where the 302R is not present in its Benelli guise (if Qianjiang makes one). We should get more details of the mid-sizer at its unveil which is expected anytime soon…

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QJ350 / Benelli 350 Pics

benelli 350 pics

More Pics of the Upcoming QJ250 (Potential Benelli 250)

benelli 350 pics

Source – Newmotor