Pulsar 220F vs 2014 Karizma R vs 2014 Karizma ZMR: Quick Comparo

The Pulsar 220 and the Karizma family have been pitted against each other for a long time thanks to a similar price point and output figures. Putting it more appropriately, there were limited choices a few years back and these three motorcycles formed the ‘performance’ brigade!


With the launch of the new generation of Karizma R and Karizma ZMR, the three are bound to crop up in the minds of prospective customers. Here is a quick compare to help you in your decision:

2014 Karizma R vs ZMR vs Pulsar 220F:

Specification Karizma R Karizma ZMR Pulsar 220F
Engine 223cc air cooled, single cylinder OHC, carbureted 223cc air cooled, single cylinder OHC, fuel injected 220cc, oil cooled, single cylinder, carbureted
Max Power 19.2BHP @7500rpm 20BHP @8000rpm 20.8BHP @8500rpm
Peak Torque 19.35Nm @6000rpm 19.7Nm @6500rpm 19.12Nm @7000rpm
Top speed 126kmph 129kmph 144kmph
Acceleration 0-60kmph in 3.6s 0-60kmph in 3.6s 0-60kmph in 3.6 secs
Transmission 5 speed 5 speed 5 speed
Fuel tank 15L 15L 15L
Kerb weight 154kg 157kg 150kg
Front tire size 80/100 18-47 P Tubeless 80/100 18-47 P Tubeless 90/90 – 17 – Tubeless
Rear tire size 120/80 18-62 P Tubeless 120/80 18-62 P Tubeless 120/80 – 17 – Tubeless


  • While the Pulsar 220F is a pretty old bike, it still manages to produce slightly more power output than the newer Karizmas, but it comes at a higher peak rpm.
  • On the torque front however, Hero has upped the game but just!
  • The Pulsar also has the rear disc brake as standard which is available in the Karizma ZMR but not on the Karizma R.
  • The Pulsar also has projector head lamps which are yet to be seen on the Karizmas. The higher beam is also 55W which is regular 35W on both Karizma twins.
  • Suspension duties are done by a 5 step adjustable iGRS system in the Karizmas and the Pulsar gets a 5 way adjustable nitrox shock absorber.
  • The Pulsar has a slightly wider larger front tire but they have the same width rear tyre. However, the bigger difference lies in the fact that Pulsar220 runs on 17 inchers whereas the Karizma twins continue using the regular 18 inch tyres. In its new iteration, Karizma has finally got tubeless tyres which were standard on the Pulsar 220 and ZMR from day one!
  • The Pulsar weighs 150kgs but both the Karizma twins are 4kgs and 7 kgs heavier respectively!
  • The Bajaj Pulsar 220F also has the highest top speed – a claimed 144kmph, faster than the 126kmph and 129kmph claimed Hero for Karizma R and ZMR respectively.


Price Comparison Pulsar 220 vs 2014 Karizma R vs Karizma ZMR:

  • Pulsar 220: Rs 82,023
  • 2014 Karizma R: Rs 80,300
  • 2014 Karizma ZMR: Rs 1,01,100

*All prices ex-showroom Delhi

Both the Pulsar 220 and 2014 Karizma R has very little to differentiate in terms of pricing. However, being a fuel injected motor, ZMR is significantly higher priced.

So which one of these 225cc bikes will you buy?