After Pulsar F250 What Happens to the Pulsar 220?

Will the stellar seller Pulsar 220 be discontinued from the market? It is only Rs 6000 cheaper than the much more powerful, new-gen Pulsar F250…

Bajaj has ventured into a completely new realm with its next-generation Pulsars. Now, there is an irony here. Though these new models are actually new for the oldest-generation Pulsars – the 180, 150, 220 etc, they will impact the relatively new NS and RS more.

As we have discussed earlier, Bajaj has given ample hints that the NS and RS range may be discontinued in the times to come – so that it simplifies the Pulsar line-up and gives room for the new platform to breathe.

But what happens to the Pulsar 220?

The answer is – it will continue to be on sale at least for the coming times. It is the largest selling big Pulsar (it sells more than the NS and RS) and despite its age, it has been a consistent performer in the portfolio. And the company will not want to risk shifting to the new platform all of a sudden.

Though there is a world of difference between the Pulsar 220 (which is based on a very old platform) and the new Pulsar F250, buyers have shown that they do not transition so easily. In fact, the NS platform was designed to do the same back in 2012 and thereafter, however, after so many years we can clearly say that this transition never happened!

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2022 pulsar 250 launched
Pulsar F250 follows the same product philosophy of the hit product Pulsar 220…

This time Bajaj is a lot more careful in its approach and the strategy would be to wait and watch and then take an appropriate decision on the Pulsar 220.

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So, how people react to the new Pulsar 250 and how quickly do they shift to the new models will decide the fate of the largest seller.

For starters, the Pulsar F250 follows the same recipe (of the 220 with semi fairing, projector headlamp, etc) but offers a more powerful, newer generation engine, much better stability, along with many features, and yet it is priced only about Rs 6000 more. That presents a very drool-worthy opportunity for buyers to consider buying the quarter liter model (instead of the 220) – but the question is – will people shift…?