Official: Bajaj Working on New-Gen Smaller Pulsars

New-gen Pulsar launch timelines have not been revealed by Bajaj but expect new Pulsar 150, 200 and may be more models in the future…

No doubt it all started with a bang back in 2001 with two Pulsars – the 150 and the 180. Gradually, there was a long list of models that got added to this immensely popular portfolio.

But to be true standing today, there is a fair bit of clutter in the Pulsar line-up. There are the oldest-generation models – 150, 180, 220 and then there are the KTM-shared variants like the NS200, RS200. Then we have various iterations of the smallest Pulsar 125s and now the newest-generation 250s.

However, this may soon change – if things go as per Bajaj’s plan. The Pune based maker is trying to simplify the line-up and has announced that the new-gen Pulsar platform will spawn smaller Pulsars.

It hasn’t revealed the exact displacements but expect the conventional 150s, 200s and a few models in between, and probably the 125 as well. And this will also mean that the existing older-generation models will be phased out gradually.

New-gen Pulsar launch
The Pulsar lineup is cluttered currently with various generation models being sold simultaneously…

Pulsar 250 Deliveries from Mid November Onwards

New-Gen Pulsar Launch Timelines

It does NOT appear that Bajaj has firmed up an exact launch timeline of the new, smaller Pulsars. In fact, at the official launch of the Pulsar N250 and F250, Rajiv Bajaj confirmed the smaller displacement Pulsars but it clarified that they are not coming immediately.

Definitely, but not immediately

New-gen Pulsar launch
The new-gen Pulsar 250 carries a platform that will spawn many smaller models…

We Are 3 Years Late for New-Gen Pulsars: Rajiv Bajaj

It must be noted that Bajaj had tried this strategy earlier when the KTM-shared models were introduced, however, it did not work out and as a result the oldest-gen variants are still on sale – and form the bulk of share for the brand.

But with a dedicated platform for the Pulsar brand, a lot more accessible, Bajaj may be successful this time in transitioning its sales to the new range. When? we will get to know in the coming months…