PUC Certificate Mandatory To Renew Motor Insurance Policy: IRDAI

The Supreme Court of India had recently directed the insurance companies not to renew insurance without a valid PUC certificate...

Concerned over the rising pollution levels in the country, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI) has issued a new circular, that makes it a little difficult for you to acquire motor insurance for your vehicle.

IRDAI has advised all the insurance companies to comply with the recent order of the Supreme Court. The court had directed the insurance companies to ask for valid PUC certificate at the time of renewal of motor insurance policy every time.

What is A PUC Certificate?

The term ‘PUC Certificate’ expands as ‘Pollution Under Control’ certificate. It is a proof that shows that the tested vehicle meets the allowed emission norms that are set by the transport agency. The certified is also commonly known as an ‘emission certificate.’

PUC certificate insurance renewal

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Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has raised concerns regarding the compliance of the SC’s order. IRDAI has asked all insurers to abide by the ruling specially in the populated Delhi NCR area.

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With this linking of the insurance and PUC, the government intends to enforce the PUC check policy to keep pollution levels in check.

-Moin Ahmed

Source – Economic Times