FEATURED: Many 800cc+ Motorcycles on Offer, But How Many Sell in India…?

We list the premium motorcycle sales in India in the capacity range of 800cc to 2500cc for this financial year so far. Know how big (or small) is this segment here…

So, we have seen the super premium motorcycle segment in India flourish big time. Right from the young child’s dream Fireblades to the Hayabusas and the thumpy Harleys, there are a lot of options in the 800cc to 2500cc motorcycle space. But the question is how many do we sell..?

Before dropping the numbers, let us list the manufacturers that have one or more options in this segment.

  • Harley Davidson (via Hero MotoCorp) – It sells motorcycles like the new Pan America, Sportster, Fat Boy and the exotics like Road King, etc.
  • Honda – It has the beautiful Africa Twin, Fireblade and the sofa-on-wheels Gold Wing – all targeted at different customer set.
  • Kawasaki – It sells the very popular Ninja series apart from the naked Zs and the Versys 1000 in India.
  • Suzuki – The mothership Hayabusa and the newly launched Katana come from the house of Suzuki.
  • Triumph – Triumph sells the biggest capacity motorcycle – the 2500cc Rocket 3, apart from its Tigers, Bonnevilles and the Speed Triple 1200 RS.
  • Aprilia – The Italian Aprilia also returned with its range-topping RSV4 and the Tuono V4 last year.

There you have it – some extremely droolworthy machinery for people who love motorcycling and yes, there is one for almost everyone!

Premium Motorcycle Sales India – 800cc – 2500cc

Let us split sales in three different segments for a more detailed overview. Remember these numbers are for this current fiscal year so far…

800-1000cc Models

Apr-Oct 2021-22Apr-Oct 2022-23
758 units637 units
premium motorcycle sales
Kawasaki is the largest seller in the 800-1000cc space…

The biggest seller in this space is Kawasaki as it registered total unit sales of 414 units this year so far, followed by Triumph with 150 units, Harley Davidson with 58 units and Suzuki also chipped in with 15 units of its Katana.

1000cc-1600cc Models

Apr-Oct 2021-22Apr-Oct 2022-23
528 units494 units
The mothership Hayabusa is still one of the most popular big capacity motorcycle in India…

You will be surprised to know that Hayabusa maintains its popularity despite the oncoming of so many new motorcycles. It is the largest selling single model in this space with 172 unit sales this year so far, followed by Triumph’s 163 units and Kawasaki’s 67 units of its liter class models. Harley stands at the fourth place with 47 unit sales and then there is Honda ousting 41 units of its Fireblade and Africa Twin. Interestingly, Aprilia also registered total sale of 4 units of its V4s.

1600cc+ Models

Apr-Oct 2021-22Apr-Oct 2022-23
313 units152 units
premium motorcycle sales
Harley’s tall lanky cruisers are the largest selling biggest capacity motorcycles in India…

Harley, with its distribution partner Hero MotoCorp, tops the charts in this displacement segment with total sales of 109 units and is followed by 32 units of Triumph’s big capacity machines – which include the biggest displacement motorcycle in production – the Rocket 3! Honda rounds up the charts registering 11 units of its Gold Wing for this year.

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TOTAL SALES 800-2500cc Models – April – Oct 2022

Apr-Oct 2021-22Apr-Oct 2022-23
1599 units1283 units

Overall sales in this segment for this financial year are down by 316 units or about 20 percent as compared to the same period last year. But with improving sentiments things are expected to get better.

At this run rate, India may end the fiscal with sales of around 2200 units of these super powerful and super premium machines. Obviously, we will update this story with total sales for the year – but you do get the answer of “About how many super premium motorcycles does India sell..?“. Right…?

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Note – All the numbers mentioned here are official SIAM shared figures