Poll Analysis: Who Makes the Highest Quality Bikes in India

We, at BikeAdvice conducted a poll recently on which company makes the Highest Quality Bikes in India. What you see below is an interactive pie-chart of the poll results.

Taking the lead at the fist position is YAMAHA MOTORS INDIA (YMI). Owing to its successful debut of the racing inspired YZF-R15 and the first naked bike to India – FZ series, the company leads with 29.70% of our readers opting for this brand of bike.

Yamaha, not only in India, but is many parts of the world is one of the most preferred sport bike manufacturer.

By organizing the exclusive R15 One Make Championship for both Yamaha and Non Yamaha users, the brand set the racing fire ablaze within the young minds of India. Yamaha is 5.4% higher than Honda’s %. The delivery period of Yamaha bikes is kept under the control and the servicing is above average in most of the service centres adding a sigh of relief to the users. To the Yamaha users and lovers, shout YES YAMAHA aloud!

The runner up in this poll is HMSI (Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India). 24.30% of the readers who have participated in the poll voted for Honda. Honda Activa set a benchmark in the Indian scooter market. With the launch of Honda CB Twister, it happened to be the most sportiest commuter bike available in the sub continent. Also, the CB Twister was awarded the India Motorcycle Of The Year 2011 (IMOTY 2011).

Following the success of this was the CBR250R, which is indeed worth every penny being spent upon.  However, the following might be the reason why it wasn’t able to reach the pole position. Honda customers are not at all happy with the heavy delay in delivery period irrespective of whatever you book from Honda. This issue is likely to be settled once the company starts production in the 2 new proposed plants. Unavailability of spare parts added up the woes of the customers. There also existed a very weird problem with the CB Unicorn where many customers faced the problem of engine overheating apart from slight rattling. Despite the fact that Unicorn is a very comfortable bike to ride along, this problem was left unattended by the company.

Third position is taken by Hero Honda Motors Ltd – The world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles. The company has earned the votes of 20.70% of our readers. With the latest split between Munjals’ Hero group and Japan’s Honda group, this company is now fully indigenous however technical support will be provided by Honda till the year 2014. Presently, it’s been pouring upgrades and facelifts in Hero Honda’s stable.

With Splendor and Passion taking the lead in the commuter segment, this company has earned the trust of its customers. People also prefer this brand owing to the fact that Hero Honda bikes have a decent re-sale value in the used bike market. The range of bikes available with this manufacturer varies from 100cc to 223 cc. The company also has plans to offer a dirt biker in India. The cheap servicing, easy availability of spares and easy maintenance are few other reasons for the company’s success. However, it’s high time the company starts working on the Scooter segment in a parallel manner.

10.10% of our readers have voted for Bajaj Auto. Pulsar, its premium brand is likely to be the primary reason for its successful debut in India. Pulsar users are proud to be called ‘PulsarManiacs’. StuntMania sponsored by Pulsar was a massive hit in India. Bajaj has also tied up recently with the Austrian Manufacturer – KTM. It will open up an entirely new segment in India.

The Discover range of motorcycles is a good choice for buyers who want a powerful commuter bike.  Again, these bikes are easy to maintain and availability of spare parts has never been an issue with this brand. It is very smart on Bajaj’s side to have come up with the decision of coming up with Boxer 150, exclusively targeting the rural segment.

It’s indeed disappointing to see Royal Enfield with just 8.70% of readers voting for it. But owing to the fact that the users themselves are less in number compared with the users of other brand. The company has its own set of users who worship their Bullets. The various trips and events organized by Royal Enfield is a lifetime opportunity to attend.

However, the Classic models have a waiting period of even one year in a few cities. The company has expressed its future plans of expanding its plant in Chennai and also coming up with few more models. However I wish this manufacturer holds a better position the same time next year. Good luck to you RE.

TVS Motors has earned 3.50% of the total votes. Apache, being its flagship product is the best product that has rolled out from TVS Racing. Apache also becomes the first Indian bike to sport an ABS. It is also one of the best choices to stunt with. The company also dominates the Indonesian market and a few other markets as well. It also has a considerable stake in the scooter segment with its Scooty series of scooters.

The company should also do the needy to market India’s first clutchless bike – TVS Jive.  The advantages of TVS bikes are not much delay in delivery, decent fuel economy combined with low maintenance cost and easy availability of spares. Of course, there was meagre number of cases where people waited for about a month to get their Apaches delivered. Apache is also likely to come up with a 200cc variant soon. Keep waiting for it.

Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited, a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan has obtained 2.80% of the total votes BikeAdvice’s poll witnessed. The major sale for this company is likely to come up from its flagship scooter model – Access 125.

This scooter boasts of good power and performance blended with a comfortable riding position ad is worth every penny being invested on it. Suzuki should start concentrating o the sales of Slingshot ad the GS150R models. Lack of proper marketing is where this company lacks at.

The last company Mahindra Two-Wheelers has obtained 3 votes in total and hence we don’t have anything to say about it.

Thanks to all our dear readers for taking part in the poll and thereby making it a grand success. Let’s see how the results tilt and turn in the next poll which will be held next year.

Author – BikeAdvice.in