The question is simple and straight forward. We want to know – which motorcycle manufacturing company in India makes bikes of the highest quality – in your opinion. This is limited to motorcycles which are produced in India. CKDs and CBUs not included.

Also note that you should not include value for money, availability and other such factors in your voting decision. We are talking only about the build quality of bikes in this poll.

Who Makes the Highest Quality Bikes in India?

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Also, comment on why you voted for that company.

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  1. Its very obvious that Yamaha has given the most technologically advanced bikes since the era of RX and the RD. The middle years were a little rough for Yamaha when they launched Crux and Fazer, which were all low performance utility bikes and were a result of not understanding the Indian market and public needs – not the technology. Its not surprising at all that Bajaj and TVS are the lowermost in the results despite a lot of BikeAdvice reader being Pulsar owners (good to see them being honest).

  2. i voted for hero honda coz my dad owns ’90 HH Sleek….dont think many ppl wud hav heard f it but dis bike e1 aftr 21 years is showin no serious signs of wear nd tear which just amazes me……a combo f my dad’s care nd HH’s build quality 🙂

    • Ya both tvs-suzuki is best .coz it vil run in any condition need not repair r maintain.just check engine oil is enough .coz i have centra it rund upto 1,39560 kms if v sale ,it vl go just for rough usage.lyk tat honda r yamaha vont cme.tey r just racebikes

  3. People who bought Royal Enfield wont change it and there comes performance, trust and more over quality… how can we say if a bike lives with us just for a period of 5-6yrs are of better quality…Here RE rules out every other bike in terms of longer performance…

  4. Honda & Hero Honda are defintly the quality bikes……HH may be doing stickering job 4 da past 10yrs….but they produce quality ones…….Bajaj shud be n da bottom end!!!!!!!!!

  5. The reason i voted for Honda is because everything from its spare parts being easily availabe, to smooth riding, comfort level, fuel efficiency to build quality was amazing as compared to others. The Honda Unicorn its first 150cc regular bike category launch was a record since it broke down all the shackles that were created with the buzz of Yamaha. It really proved what a real foreign company bike is all about inspite of its make in India!

  6. Honda to me has always been the company that has very high quality standards, I see that Yamaha scores higher in the poll, but I suspect that is because of the recent models launched. I base my opinion not on the basis of the last few years but from what I have known throughout my lifetime.

  7. Well i have already given my opinion on the subject and the reason for the same is that this manufacturer makes the bikes with heart and thats why hero honda is desh ki dhadkan.

    Long way to go Hero honda . The world is waiting for you .

  8. Jus in last feb I bought Yamaha Fazer. I am still admiring my bike towards its build quality. The air diverting fairing & vibration free engine jus took me to a superb feel.

  9. One can properly compare & judge the quality only by using diffrent brand models and again depends on how you ride and maintain the bike.we know all japanees brands like honda,yamaha,suzuki,kawasaki,are known for quality products.but indian brands like bajaj,Tvs are making slow but steady progress to match japanees bajaj will learn from KTM to make quality products.

  10. There you go, it is Yamaha undoubtedly. The reason I voted for them because I have seen the impeccable paint finish their bikes have. Hero Honda would come a close second, not Honda.

  11. i think that honda has it all
    as all the parts tight fit and are having the best build quality,than other bikes
    but when coompared to yamaha fz or r15 honda bikes are good and the yamaha bikes are quite cheeky at the end

  12. I love yamaha….RX is my favourite for ever….its build and features are just speechless….a sure rocker in all the genrations……never it will lose its uniqueness…i have not seen any bike with such style,sound and perfomance…..long lasting bike :)….

  13. I know that Honda is the highest quality in the world but I love my bike bajaj xcd 135.. In my opinion it’s better … because in Egypt .. Indian bikes after Japanese bikes and Chinese bikes is garbage

  14. I absolutely agree with Saran Samiappan! I own a TVS Apache RTR180 and its almost one year, i have no issues till now.

  15. I’d vote for The Royal Enfield.
    By far the one only make that hasn’t deferred from it’s brand value and image.
    Quality, comfort and a majestic appeal are the things which describe these machines.
    Truly, madly, deeply In love with it… 🙂 😛

  16. Yamaha Leading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its not true.
    build quality of Yamaha is not better than Honda and Herohonda.

  17. In India Hero Honda is the one who is been providing better quality bikes than other companies
    and still continues

  18. it has to be YAMAHA, superb build quality, i own fazer, its melting butter on road and perform better than pulsar all series apart from high pickup

  19. HI! I think RE, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki bikes are the best…..
    I have been using a Hero Honda CBZ (old original model, manufacturing Year 2001) and it is still giving me a decent mileage of 35-42 KMPL, depending on the traffic in the city of Mumbai. I think it was and is the best model in the 150cc category.
    I am as proud to own a Original CBZ as RE owners are about their Bullets.

  20. I have had a CD 100 for thirteen years, a Honda Unicorn for six and have just got my new CBR 250r. Honda’s are amazingly reliable bikes!

  21. I love Yamaha and also know about its quality,….
    Definitely the next choice of mine would be Suzuki,…
    But when I see Bajaj racing the quality ahead of Suzuki, it really shocked me… this is because of lack of Advertisement and introducing new models by Suzuki..

    Bajaj is just a useless scooter company (but Rahul Bajaj comment on Honda as a “Scooter Company”), I had been using my friend’s New Pulsar[2010] for atleast a year (well maintained bike),
    I would say that the quality is worst. The suspension makes ugly noises when taken over a speed breaker,
    those “Krikk Krikk” sounds from the fork really annoys me.

    Yamaha, Suzuki and Honda are equal in quality.
    Guys who expect the best quality and performance can go ahead with anyone one of these.

    This Bajaj Pulsar and TVS Apache RTR is fit for the new school boys who go to college and nothing else.

  22. Hero Honda…..according to me for the sole reason that they have consistently maintained high quality for the past 25 years. No other company….not even Yamaha or Honda has been able to do so over such a long period. Yamaha started well with RX 100, but the models that came after that were not upto the mark interms of built quality except for the most recent goodies like FZ and R15s. Honda too started well with Unicorn, but personally I do not like the built quality of Dazzler, rattles and lose panels started to creep in after 10~15 K on the odo. Bajaj…the least said the better. Suzuki bikes are better built…but they are still babies in Indian market, lets see if they are able to cope up in the long run. TVS bikes too has quality issues on all their models, from first model till the present Apache with ABS but comparatively better then Bajaj.
    Hero Honda had fine bikes since the time of CD100…till the present ZMR. Issues were there…but the quality level has been consistent across the models and over the entire period of their existence. For an Indian brand, competing and faring better then the Japs powerhouses, HH deserves all the credit.

  23. Yamaha and Honda makes good quality bikes without doubt, but were they giving the same quality during the 90’s and early 2000s??? I will assume most of the votes garnered by Yamaha are from the new generation who have taken to motorbike in the last 3~4 years and haven’t seen the models like Crux, CruxR, YBX, Libero, RXZ etx.. Some of these models were nightmare for commuters.

  24. We are talking about quality of bike. Quality means fitness for purpose & I think HH has proven that their bikes fitnesses for every class. So HH is making the highest quality bikes.

  25. Well, let me tell that my 2005 honda eterno , i did no run in ( as i knew nothing about it 🙂 ) , it is giving consistent performance & mielage for the past 6 years & NO serious issues ever. I can say that HONDA rules !!

  26. The poll results say all about it!!
    Yamaha was, is & will be the best!!

    Sheer quality & class of Engineering is a Yamaha.
    RE is also cool. The build quality is great

  27. I feel, Regarding engine life: H.H and Yamaha r the best. Suzuki is top…
    Mileage wise: Bajaj (with poor engine quality).
    Pick-up n power wise: Yamaha n Yamaha n alwayz YAMAHA>>>>>
    Stylish look goes to Yamaha brand for sleek n sporty designs, next is H.H
    Speaking about the question i vote for Hero honda…….

  28. Equal to royal enfield tvs/suzuki cmes wit quality n rough usage in indian roads.i had an bikes vl cme upto 12 years without maintaince

  29. Its not like tat all bike companies r good .it depends upon hw v maintain not cross 70kmph in air cooled engine bike,periodical maintaince shud b done.nw i have tvs 50 n suzuki shogan bought at te year of 1983 but nw also both r running in good condition 1ly upto today its 27 years.c hw is te maintaince


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