2020 Splendor BS6 Price Increase Alert

Splendor latest prices see a uniform increment across all variants. The effective BS4 to BS6 hike becomes around 15 percent, in seven months!

Hero launched Bharat Stage 6 compliant versions of its high sellers Passion Pro and Splendor in February in India. Both the motorcycles received fuel injection as a part of the upgrade. While Splendor continues with the same old 97 cc engine, Passion gets a bigger 110 cc motor.

In a latest update, Hero has increased prices of the Splendor BS6 again while the Passion remains unchanged. Here are the latest prices.

Passion & Splendor Latest Prices

MotorcyclesLaunch Price (Feb 2020)May 2020 PriceLatest Price (Sep 2020)Increment
Splendor Kick + AlloyRs 59,600Rs 60,350Rs 60,500Rs 900
Splendor Self + AlloyRs 61,900Rs 62,650Rs 62,800Rs 900
Splendor Self + Alloy + i3sRs 63,110Rs 63,860Rs 64,010Rs 900
Passion Pro Self + AlloyRs 64,990Rs 65,740Rs 65,740Rs 750
Passion Self + Disc + AlloyRs 67,190Rs 67,940Rs 67,940Rs 750
*all prices ex-showroom Delhi
Splendor latest prices

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As you can see the latest price hike on the Splendor is a nominal Rs 150 which has taken the effective increment to Rs 900 across all the variants – an increase of about 1.5 percent. However, if we add up the 12-13 percent BS4 to BS6 increment, then this effective increment becomes a very significant ~15+ percent. The reason of the latest price hike has not been revealed by Hero.

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Apart from minor changes to the specs, the Passion Pro BS6 has received significant cosmetic changes in the form of new colors and a fresher headlamp. Splendor continues with the tried and tested styling without a lot of bling.