Soon Register New Vehicles Online Yourself

Online vehicle registration is soon going to be implemented by the government, as the Transport minister has revealed…

No matter how good or bad you are at bargaining but it is almost a certainty that you would have paid a lot more to the dealer (than the authorised amount) for your new vehicle’s registration. There are multiple ways through which different dealers charge you higher amount of money for various services that they offer.

Currently, your dealer takes money from you and gets your vehicle registered at the local Regional Transport Office (RTO). However, this process is about to change. Soon, you will be able to register newly bought vehicles online.

Online Vehicle Registration – Details

According to Money Control, Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways is planning to bring in a new rule which will allow customers to possibly login to some portal and get their vehicles registered. This way, he believes, the customer will save the extra charges which the dealers take for this service. However, amount payment will still be routed through the dealer to the RTO which is a little confusing.

On this upcoming ruling, Nitin Gadkari said,

The law states that when you have purchased a new vehicle you have to take that vehicle to the RTO office for registration. We have made a change in that. Registration authority will be the state government which is the RTO but consumers can register the vehicle online, you don’t have to take the vehicle to the RTO. Consumer can save the fee charged by the dealer who used to register the vehicle on your behalf. The dealer will deposit the money with the state government.

Online Vehicle Registration

The government hopes that this direct online registration of vehicles will simplify the process and help in cutting down costs. It is also expected to bring in more transparency to the whole system and may also reduce the burden on RTOs.

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So, what do you think – will this step be beneficial to you?