Online and Offline Ways to Check Bike Insurance Status

The two wheeler market in India was 21.19 million in sales volume in 2019. It has been witnessing a steady growth and is expected to reach 24.89 million units by 2024 (i.e. growth at a CAGR of 7.33 percent). This indicates that the two wheeler insurance market is expected to grow at a decent pace.

Vehicle insurance is compulsory and driving a vehicle (i.e. two wheeler or car) without a valid insurance document is considered a crime. Hence, two wheeler owners should always ensure that their two wheeler insurance policy is valid and premium for the same is paid on time.

Imagine a scenario where you are caught by the traffic policeman with an expired insurance copy and later you realize that there are simple & effective ways to check bike insurance status online.

How to check Bike Insurance status online

There are a number of online and offline mechanisms through which second-hand bike owners can check the status of bike insurance. When you are checking for the status of the vehicle insurance online, you should adhere to certain guidelines:

  • Vehicle Registration Number (e.g. KA53CA2345) has to be entered on all the platforms that facilitate status checking of vehicle insurance.
  • For a new vehicle, the insurer has to submit the vehicle chassis and engine number to the RTO (Regional Transport Office). The owner has to get the vehicle registered at the respective RTO office within a month of purchasing the vehicle.
  • There could be cases where the policy details are not available in the Data Repository (where insurance data of all vehicles is stored). There is no need to panic, as it might take close to 2 months for up to date information to be available on the IIB (Insurance Information Bureau of India) web portal.

Let’s look at different ways that can assist you with how to check bike insurance status.

check Bike Insurance status online

When you purchase a bike, it is automatically linked to its ‘unique’ vehicle registration number. Hence, a bike insurance online check can be performed by using the registration details as those details help in fetching the insurance details of the vehicle.

Here is how to check bike insurance status online:

  • Enter the registration details of your bike on the concerned Regional Transport Office’s official website. Upon entering the details, it would show the status of your bike insurance.
  • You can follow the same steps by visiting the State Transport Department’s website.
  • The website of Insurance Repositories (or IRDA) can also be used for checking the status of the bike insurance.
  • VAHAN is the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in India. For getting the status of your bike insurance, you can go to VAHAN’s website and enter relevant details of your bike (including the bike’s registration number).

How to check Bike Insurance status offline

Bikers who are not comfortable with the online medium can opt for checking the status of their bike insurance using the offline medium.

  • Call the vehicle insurance company and their support team can provide you with all the relevant details of your bike insurance.
  • Insurance providers like Royal Sundaram General Insurance that offer different bike insurance plans have chatbots on their website. People who are not very comfortable with the internet can use this feature by just keying in details about their bike insurance and the bot gives the required information to the policyholder.
  • In case you wish to check the status of your bike which was involved in some kind of mishap (e.g. accident), you should visit the respective RTO’s office to gather information about your bike.


Along with timely maintenance of the bike, you should also ensure that the premium of the two wheeler insurance is paid on a timely basis. There are a number of ways that let you check your bike insurance status online and offline. We had a detailed look at those mechanisms and the appropriate method should be used to ensure that your bike and its insurance are in top-notch condition!