TVS to Continue Selling Older Apache 160 Along with 2018 Model

Older Apache 160 sale may be restricted but it won’t be discontinued for now…

TVS very recently launched the 2018 Apache 160 which is a remarkable improvement over the older Apache 160 models. It comes with a lot of new features like monoshock, refined and more powerful engine, new aggressive looks etc.

So, ideally with the new model now about to go on sale, production of older Apache 160s should cease? No, that is not going to happen! According to TVS officials we asked at the media ride of the 2018 Apache 160, all the older Apache 160s that were on sale till now will continue as they are.

2018 Apache 160 Price

This means that under the brand Apache 160, we will have these following variants you can buy…

  1. Apache 160 v1 (the oldest Apache 160; yes, it is still on sale) – Starts from Rs 77,518
  2. Apache 160 (older model) – Starts from Rs 78,215
  3. 2018 Apache 160 4v Carb – Starts from Rs 81,490
  4. 2018 Apache 160 4v FI – Rs 89,990

*all prices ex-showroom Delhi

As mentioned, the price range starts from about Rs 77,000 and goes up till about Rs 90,000 among these four Apache 160 variants. We were told that there is still demand for these older variants and hence the company has decided to continue producing them.

What has happened is – our market has not completely upgraded to new-generation models of popular brands, despite them (the newer models) being much better in terms of almost everything. It has happened with Bajaj and it is happening with TVS as well. Therefore, these brands have not been able to muster enough courage to let go their older versions – fearing loss of sales to rival manufacturers.

2018 Apache 160 shares a lot of parts and design from the new Apache 200

This also broadens the portfolio so they have a much wider reach among customers of varied preferences and budget groups – for broadly the same model. And with new rivals coming in every other month in this segment, it makes sense to have everything on offer.

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But the question is – will you buy the older, vibration-prone Apache 160s even when the much better new-gen model can be had for a few thousand rupees extra?