Old Unicorn 150 Axed From the Market [Speculation]

Honda’s market share in the 150cc segment, at the moment rests on its old-age work horse Unicorn 150. Anything apart from it, which includes the discontinued Dazzler or even the Trigger, hasn’t been received well. Everyone expected Honda’s new 160cc to be a sporty motorcycle to replace or compete in the pricier 150cc segment, however, with the launch of laidback Unicorn 160, Honda surprised many!

Honda CB Unicorn 01

It just doesn’t fit in the puzzle at all, since, like the old Uni 150, the new Unicorn 160 also targets almost the same set of buyers. So, if I am one of them, I will either choose the 150 or the 160 but it doesn’t lure the youngsters which are after the Gixxers and FZs of today’s world. So, confused after seeing the Unicorn 160 during its launch, we asked Honda’s officials if they plan to discontinue the smaller sibling from the market to prevent cannibalization.

To this, they answered that all the 150cc motorcycles will continue to be on sale. And barely after a few months, Zigwheels.com shares a report that Honda has discontinued the older Unicorn 150 from the domestic market, however, they will continue producing it for export markets.

To give you an idea how big that number would be, let’s have a look at their January exports figures. Of the 23,245 units they manufactured of the CBR 150R, CB Trigger and CB Unicorn 150, they exported 3,755 units, which is 16 per cent of the production.



Unicorn 150 accounts for a major chunk of Honda’s 150cc sales and they believe that, after discontinuing it from the market, majority of the buyers will upgrade to the 160, if this report is true. Even if they are just at the contemplating phase, it appears to be the only solution. One of the motorcycles has to go out to leave the other breathing for space.

A forceful decision taken at the spur of the moment, or a carefully thought of move? Well, only time shall tell what it turns out to be. We will still wait for an official step/confirmation from Honda to acknowledge this development.

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