OLA Rushing Up its 500 Acre Mega Facility [Video]

Ola is very serious about its two-wheeler mobility business. It acquired Netherlands based Etergo and is planning to launch first electric two-wheelers very soon. But that is just the tip of the iceberg!

It has plans to set-up a production plant as soon as possible. This 500 acre facility that it acquired in January in Tamil Nadu is already planned to come up in record time. Ola, in fact, promises that it want to open its first phase of operations within months! An estimated 10 million man-hours are expected to be consumed to achieve the goal.

To preserve greenery, Ola is transplanting trees on its site. It envisions a large forest area within the campus and reuse its soil and rocks. This facility will have a capacity to produce 2 million units a year in phase 1. Ola will Make in India and ship it to many nations of the world.

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The company expects to produce 10,000 jobs and will have 5000 robots and automated guided vehicles when in full use. The company has also shared a quick video of its site which is appended below…