How is Ninja 400 Doing in its Second Innings…?

After a terrible first innings, is Kawasaki hoping for a miracle. Let us quickly compare Ninja 400 sales for the year 2022-23 with its previous times…

Kawasaki discontinued its Ninja 400 in India around two years ago since the motorcycle did not meet newly enforced BS6 emission norms. It was a wonderful motorcycle marred by an absurd price tag tag. And that resulted in extremely dismal sales almost every month before it was withdrawn.

After such a dull sales show, I had no hesitance in believing that this motorcycle will never come back to India – at least not in the same format. However, someone at Kawasaki is hell bent on proving something to his bosses! The Ninja 400 returned in BS6 avatar last year in June and at the same 4.99 Lac price tag as before. For reference, it was whopping Rs 1.60 Lac costlier than sibling Ninja 300 (which is a localized machine now) and almost Rs 1.85 Lac dearer than the KTM RC390 which produces similar power/torque and is more kitted.

Recently, Kawasaki hiked its prices and it is now charging Rs 5.19 Lakh ex-showroom.

Ninja 400 sales
2023 Ninja 400 was relaunched recently and received a Euro 5 compliant engine…

Now, with such a backdrop – is someone expecting miracles? Well, let us quickly list the total sales of the 400 supersport in India in its second innings.

Ninja 400 Sales 2022

July 202238 units
August 202247 units
September 202256 units
October 202236 units
November 202220 units
December 20222 units
January 202319 units
February 202322 units
March 202314 units
TOTAL254 units

254 units in nine months – an average of about 28 units a month – may not sound high in isolation (and frankly they aren’t for a near 5 lac motorcycle from a popular maker), but when you factor in its last innings sales, there is a definitely increase. In fact till November Ninja 400 was doing fairly strong.

For reference, Kawasaki sold 162 units of its 400 in the whole of 2019 fiscal (average of 14 units a month) and 119 units in FY 2020 (average of 10 units every month).

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Ninja 400 Sales Comparison

PeriodSalesAvg Per Month
FY 2019162 units14 units
FY 2020119 units10 units
FY 2023 (9 Months)254 units28 units

That, to me, signifies an average biker’s willingness to purchase an otherwise brilliant motorcycle but at a Lakh cheaper I am sure there will be a lot many takers of the Ninja 400. Can’t Kawasaki localize the 400 as well – much like it did with the 300…?