Ninja 300 Registers 150% Growth: Shows What Wonders Correct Prices Can Do

Ninja 300 sales numbers reveal that Kawasaki doubled its revenues from the same motorcycle – simply by correcting its strategy!

Ninja 300 was always one of our favourite entry level sports motorcycle. But the oncoming of newer products in this space had given more choices to buyers. This led the Kawasaki management to introduce a localised version of the motorcycle and even with the addition of dual channel ABS, it received a major price drop.

Currently sold at 2.98 Lakh (ex-showroom), Ninja 300 is the most affordable multi-cylinder faired sports motorcycle in India. That it comes from a Japanese manufacturer further sweetens the deal. In the process it also undercuts BMW’s single cylinder G310 R and G310 GS. So, what has Kawasaki earned by reducing the price tag? A whopping ~150 percent increase in sales!

Ninja 300 Sales Numbers

Last financial year Kawasaki sold 469 units of all its 300cc motorcycles. This fiscal it registered total sales of 1169 units – a growth of 700 units! These official SIAM sales numbers include Versys X300’s sales as well but considering that it hardly sells we can reduce 30-60 units from the overall tally!

Ninja 300 sales
Ninja 300 received dual channel ABS and this new colour in its 2018 upgrade…

The next question is – what about business sense?

  • Let us consider an average price of Rs 3.60 Lakh for the older Ninja 300. This means that Kawasaki earned roughly Rs 16.88 crores in 2017-18 fiscal.
  • And at a reduced price tag of Rs 2.98 Lakh, Kawasaki garnered whopping Rs 32.78 crores last fiscal.

There are assumptions in this calculation – 1100 units of Ninja 300 are considered, localised Ninja 300 was not around for the complete financial year (it was launched in July 2018 and deliveries commenced around September 2018 otherwise numbers would have been higher) etc. But it gives us an indication of how dramatic things change when you manage to strike a fine balance between the product and its price tag – Kawasaki earned double the revenue with the same product this year. And this is despite the fact that there was a lot more competition for the product than what it was in 2017-18 financial year!

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Kawasaki has recently increased prices of some of its motorcycles including the already overpriced Ninja 400 but they have kept Ninja 300 at its original price tag for now. For reference, Ninja 400 recorded total sales of 162 units in 2018-19 financial year.