2021 Ninja 300 BS6: Are You Disappointed? 3 Key Pointers

Is the 2021 Ninja 300 BS6 a good buy? Why did Kawasaki choose to keep the update limited to the engine? Is it overpriced…? Let’s discuss…

Of all the entry level twin cylinder motorcycles, Kawasaki Ninja 300 was one of our favorite, obviously when we had a lot of options in the BS4 era. That was not just for its outright performance but its sheer brilliant engineering and the on-road behavior.

Fast forward almost a year and the Ninja 300 is back in the market with its Bharat Stage 6 compliant engine. It must be noted that the company discontinued it from the market as this model has been taken off from the international markets. Let us list a few key pointers of quick discussion…

India-specific model

That means, it has got a fresh lease of life predominantly for our Indian market, where it was Kawasaki’s largest selling model in the portfolio. The company has taken a calculated approach and hasn’t tinkered with its styling. It has just engineered the older 300cc engine to meet the stringent BS6 (which are roughly equal to Euro 5) emission norms to be eligible for sale here.

Why Kawasaki did NOT update it comprehensively?

In the above pointer we have already discussed why it got a minor update. Simply because it is for a confined market and not a global product that may go to a lot of countries. Another reason can be understood by its minor price increment of Rs 20,000.

If Kawasaki did not have the end project cost in mind, it could have easily launched the international spec Ninja 250 or the Ninja 400 in India. But we have already seen that Ninja 400 flopped in our market despite being a very good machine – only because of its astronomical price tag.

So, the simple answer to this question/pointer is – because Kawasaki had to keep the price hike minimal, the older model was revived and the changes are not a lot.

ninja 300 bs6 good buy

Why are you Disappointed?

This has left a few fans disappointed as they expected Kawasaki to utilize this timeframe to comprehensively update the model. However, let us tell you that it is still a lovely buy.

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Ninja 300 BS6 has received a very marginal price increment over its very aggressive BS4 price tag. That still makes it the most affordable twin cylinder full faired sports bike in the country. Your next options are costlier. So, there is no room for dejection, at least for now, till you get more such, twin cylinder options…