New Yamaha R15 Likely to be Rolled Out by The End of 2011

We got this email from Aakash Sharma, reader of BikeAdvice. And here’s what he has to say about the new Yamaha R15 2012:

Today I met a Yamaha executive and I asked him about the new Yamaha R15 which is getting upgraded. The one which we have been seeing spy shots around the web. He told “Yes, Yamaha is sure coming out with a upgrade this time by the end of year 2011.

I asked him about whether there are something new with the power and he surprisingly given me two answers:

  • First one was – “No, there is not going to be any improvements with power. The remaped ECU is installed to match the same power with a bigger tire which the previous bike did not have.”
  • Second, He told me that there will be a little increase in price of the bike to keep it uncommon among bikers. The new one will be priced around 1.25 Lakhs, and I asked him why would people pay so much for a 150cc bike when CBR250R is just around the corner in terms of pricing. He said “A big surprise is waiting man!”

And I finally noticed that he never mentioned that the bike was a 150cc one and remained silent about its cubic capacity throughout the entire conversation.

Now it leaves us wondering: Is it a Yamaha R15 or R something else. 🙂

Thanks and Regards,
Aakash Sharma