A lot has been speculated, rumored and commented about the new Yamaha R15 2012. I am running short of words. Let the picture do the talking.

Source: Photo sent by a reader of BikeAdvice who wishes to remain anonymous.

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  • Sachin

    Now thats the clearest picture people have been waiting for.

  • sabbir

    is that the mud-guard on rear tire?? thats so ugly like pulsar 135 !! exhaust pipe looks better … rear tire isnt luking that much fatty!!
    yes we all are confused…that cud be a modification….cud b d ‘R15 2012’ 🙂

  • fas

    The saree guard really spoils the show. Why oh why do the authorities think your going to sit on a bike like the Yamaha R15 with a woman in saree?

    • Pearl

      You can remove it simply with the spanner or a Screw driver…

  • Nilavo

    Although ‘Yamaha’ is written in the fairing, but the yamaha logo is missing on the tank ……this could be the the new r 15,but i have a doubt

  • Afletra

    @sabbir: I’m agree with you, especially about that ugly mud-guard.

    This bike looks very good, but I don’t know why, I personally more like the present model…
    Maybe this bike looks cool because it have split seat, not like the present model with tandem seat. The tail also sharp, have a better rear fender, looks like the R6. But, all that modification and change just looks a little wrong in design, especially the front section, the fairing. The design looks like the odd/strange version R125. That’s personal opinion after all 🙂
    If this bike is real, hope they (YAMAHA) will improve the engine too, not only the appearances…

  • Oh that is a fantastic color. I want one. A nice HondaDavison indeed.

  • Sreekumar

    Anyway I like yamaha. that’s all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anaswar


  • yamaha_Sales

    yamaha R15 2011 is launch ready……., those who are genuinely interested in buying R15 2011 can contact me for more information. my mob no is +919769983096

    • gaurav sony

      i really wnna get dis tll me aftr how mch time i cn get dis nd i wnna know abt its on road price

  • Sumit

    hey the new model of yamaha r15 is probably gonna launch by the end of this month (august 2011)…and the new modifications will be a rear fatter tyre and all new colors with all new graphics ……NO SPLIT SEAT OR ANYTHING ELSE……i booked r15 on 11th july but the bike wos not available yet….today i got the call from that yamaha dealer that the new model is gonna launch in the market by the end of this month(August 2011)…and the price will be more by 2k or 3k…..all the existing colours have been stopped due to itz new launch….

    • G_rocKK

      Hi everybody.
      Can any one send me the specification on new R15.
      I want to buy this bike.
      Plz help me……

  • i wld never lyk yamaha 2 stand nxt 2 honda………really tis ride s gona kick honda cbr150r….tat s K.O

  • hello is this bike is gonna launch this month ?6th ?……..u mean tomorrow……..then where why bangalorer auto show dint have any news abt it hannn?

  • I purchased yamaha r15 black from India Yamaha Motor Pvt Ltd, Wakdewadi, Pune on 17/08/2011. Within 2 days i start noticing multiple problems such as rusting on various bolts, front disc break, paint removal from handle and rusting all across handle down the chesis. Over the period of time within 2 weeks I would see rear break making sharp noice, accumulation of water vapor in the techometer and multiple display section, loosing of clutch bolt, and even pronounce appearance of coppery deposits all along the handle section. To make it worse on 19th day of bike purchase i was unable to start bike (self start dint work and battery finished- i was not able to switch on headlights/display; the engine warning light poped up). I went to yamaha factory outlet next day (ironically in the next morning battery was working and i was able to start bike-strange!) and they told this is nothing but a common phenomenon during rainy season (Mr nitin who is service manager there told that it happens with every bike- on the other hand we inspected atleast 10-15 bikes parked there but not even a single such problem was apparent in all those bikes). The service manager nitin tried to mask the problems of bike saying it happens in rainy season be it rusting or malfunctioning of engine/battery ( in fact he said that it’s a loose connection that battery dint work). I came back from factory outlet and To my surprise next day same thing happened ” bike is not starting…self start is not working…engine trouble sign is showing up..unable to on headlights…”. I as a customer feel cheated and duped because I dint get in this bike what i paid for be it finishing or smooth riding ( the engine makes some strange noise and the service guys twice washed mud/dust from rear break but again within half kilometer ride it would start making such noise). I am unable to feel the touch of a new bike. Therefore I request you to kindly look over this matter because i dont want a repaired bike, instead a bike whatever i have paid for. Now I want a replacement of the bike. This is what i feel:

    1) Why should i get satisfied with a sub-stranded bike in spite of paying full money

    2) Why company like yamaha with turnover almost 1000 Cr/year is afraid of taking moral responsibility and instead of replacing the bike try to repair it

    3) Why service manager blindly ignored apparent problems in bike even when he compared to multiple R15 standing in the company premises (there were brand new as well as above 2000KM old bikes…even then he did not find any such problems in those bikes..rather ignored the fact)

    4) Is company only charges for engine…and not for finishing/looks ( my bike is utterly bad in finishing with handle frame material is unevenly molded/cut all along the handle)

    5) Is policy of Yamaha Motor India above customers satisfaction

    6) Can you guys feel the agony and in fact the pain of driving such a sub-stranded bike as a passionate bike lover???????

    • zeean

      bro im facing a similar problem. ive put the daytona exhaust kit in mine and yesterday suddenly da bike stopped and da same problem as your such as the engine warning light popped up im confused is this a battery problem or an engine problem

  • DJ

    Its a super cool luking byk… already launched… damm sexxxxyyyyyy…..

  • sujith m

    i like it vry mch…nw i hav a plan to buy a new r15 instead of old r15…. bt i want to know abt the actual price in kerela..and when will it came to kerela showrooms…

  • mohit

    oh suppebik

  • *LoneWolf*

    really a very good looking bike. Only if it had a decent saddle height:-(


    i likd d new r 15 v2,,,likd its style,,,wat will b it mileage can ny1 help me with tht??

  • keshav chauhan

    really very decent nd my goooood lukng bikeeeeeee……………….

  • naran reddy

    its girls liking bikeeeeeeeee……………

  • suhas


  • vijay

    Very nice bike