New Shine 100 – 7 Practical Features it Gets

In this quick one, we list Shine 100 features that matter to entry level motorcycle buyers. Honda has taken care of a lot of them…

Honda’s smallest-yet motorcycle in India could be its biggest bet here. Honda would definitely be believing that it can turn the tables with Shine 100 as its older entry level projects have not really worked as it would have liked.

The company has come much better prepared this time and it is banking on the extremely popular Shine brand name which is a household name in India. More than 1 lakh users buy the elder sibling Shine 125 every month – and needless to say that it is the largest selling 125cc model in the country.

shine 100 features

Shine 125 outsells the combined duo of Hero Glamour and Super Splendor in this segment and this is precisely what Honda intends to do with its Shine 100. In order to do that, it has lent many practicality bits in the motorcycle. Let us quickly list them for you..

  • Accessible Seat Height – Shine 100 has a saddle height of 786 mm so that riders of most postures can put their feet on the ground.
  • High Ground Clearance – The ‘Honda ki 100’ comes with a fairly good ground clearance of 168mm, so that it can tackle bad roads – a pretty useful feature specially for the rural junta!
  • Long Seat – Honda knows that the Shine 100 will be used as a mule specially in rural areas. It comes with a 677mm long seat that allows more space along with comfort.
  • Turning Radius – Shine 100 comes with a turning radius of 1.9 meter that Honda claims is segment best.
  • Position of Fuel Pump – The fuel pump on the motorcycle is placed on the outside of the tank to make maintenance easier (and cheaper).
  • Auto-choke – Shine 100 comes with an auto choke that promises instant starts in all climate conditions.
  • Side-Stand inhibitor – This is a feature that we have seen on many products. The motorcycle won’t start if the side stand is engaged – a nice safety feature. It also comes with the mandatory Combined Braking System (CBS).

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Honda knows why Splendor, despite being in the market for decades, sells and that is why Shine 100 is being projected as very reliable, fuel efficient and less-maintenance motorcycle. We are expecting a consistent 60-65 kpl with for this motorcycle in the longer run.

As we have shared in the launch article, pricing of Shine 100 is aggressive and it undercuts Splendor by whopping Rs 7500 – a trait that should aid in getting it the initial traction.