Brand New Pulsar NS200 Crashes After Delivery Near Bhutan Border

2017 Pulsar NS200 accident pics & an appeal to always wear a helmet…

At our Facebook page, one of our reader Ankit Jhawar has shared a couple of pictures of a brand new 2017 red/grey Pulsar NS200 informing us that it met with an accident just after delivery.

The crash took place in West Bengal near Bhutan border and he adds that the rider (and probably the pillion as well) is in serious condition. What caused the accident is not known.

Looking at the condition of the motorcycle, it appears to be a high speed head on collision – the front wheel has come out, the front forks are bent, coolant and other liquids are all over the place and the clip-ons are also shattered into multiple pieces.

Though there is a helmet visible in the pics, but it is not known if the rider was wearing one.

Pulsar NS200 accident pics

Nonetheless, through such kind of accident pics, where you and I are not involved thankfully, my motive is to impart a sense of fear – a fear of ‘what can happen’ if I am NOT wearing helmets. Let us all take a deep breath and pledge to never ride a motorcycle (even if it is a low-power 100 cc) without a helmet! Remember, accidents do not announce their arrival and only a second of mis-judgement can lead to permanent disasters!

Helmets do not save us from accidents but they prevent severe injuries specially to the important and the most vulnerable part of our body – our head!

Let me also add that do not be a miser in purchasing a lid for yourself. Spend good money and buy yourself a quality helmet – preferably DOT and SNELL approved! Also to let you know – decent/good quality helmets start at around Rs 4000-5000 which means all your Rs 1000-2000 helmets are worthless and may not prevent your skull upon an unfortunate accident!

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Also, let us pray for the speedy recovery of the rider of this motorcycle…