OFFICIAL: New Pulsar Launch in Coming Days

Is it the Pulsar N125 launch or has Bajaj readied a new Pulsar N150? Or is it something we do not know yet? Details inside…

Bajaj has readied a new Pulsar model for the Indian market. We know this as the company had planned a launch of the motorcycle next week and its media rides were scheduled in the first half of December. We had received ‘Block Your Date’ invites for these dates, however, as a latest update these have been postponed.

But what remains certain is the fact that there is an all-new Pulsar on the anvil and it is coming in the next few days – in all probability within this calendar year. And yes, it won’t simply be a nip-tuck, cosmetic update we are talking about since Bajaj conducts media rides only of new models.

pulsar n125 launch
Bajaj could be readying a barebones Pulsar N150 or new Pulsar N125…

Pulsar N125 Launch or Something Else..?

We aren’t sure the exact model that is coming but Bajaj has clearly specified that the upcoming model will be marketed under the ‘Pulsar’ brand. That takes us to the big possibility of it being one of the many Pulsar test mules that we have seen testing on the roads. Though there is a rumor that Bajaj will introduce a new Pulsar N150, after Pulsar N160 – I am not very confident of it.

If it has to be a 150cc model – to replace the existing Pulsar 150, it will be a bare-bones variant on the new platform – to create a proper differentiation with the recently introduced N160. I am of the belief that it could be the new Pulsar N125 so that we have Pulsar models across the spectrum.

But anyways, Bajaj has registered trademarks of various models and this could also end up in a surprise that we are not very aware of at this point.

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Till we try to dig out more details on the new Pulsar, you can check out the following review of the Pulsar N160 below..