New Pulsar Launch in June; Will be ‘Very Innovative’, Says Rajiv Bajaj

New Pulsar launch will help Bajaj pushing sales. But will it be an all-new model or an update of some existing version…?

Rajiv Bajaj has steered Bajaj away from the tag of a domestic scooter maker to a motorcycle-only manufacturer in the world map. Growth in the overall two-wheeler industry has been muted ever since Diwali and nobody knows when is it coming back.

However, as compared to its rivals Hero, Honda and others, Bajaj has done fairly well and they have notched up as much as an 8 percent growth in market share in the domestic market. Their dealership inventory levels are at very manageable levels and the brand is about to catapult its sales by introducing new products.

New Pulsar Launch

According to an interview given to Economic Times, Rajiv Bajaj announced that they have scheduled a new model launch in the Pulsar range in June (apart from one each in the Platina as well as CT sub-brands). He elaborates that the new Pulsar will be ‘very, very innovative‘ and will have one new feature which will be ‘extremely attractive to customers’. Here are the exact statement…

In June we are going to do something very remarkable with our CT, Platina and Pulsar brands. Between marketing and R&D, our people have come up with some really smart ideas. So, there will be one newer product of each of these three brands. All I can say is that all three will be very, very innovative. Each of them will have one new feature, which, in my opinion, will be extremely attractive to customers.

New Pulsar Launch
Bajaj introduced a new yellow colour to the Pulsar NS200 in India recently.

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By the wordings, it appears that instead of an all-new model, Bajaj would introduce one of the existing Pulsar with one (or more) ‘attractive‘ feature – like how they did with the Pulsar 180 neon (which now comes with the semi-fairing of Pulsar 220 among other changes). Will it be the new Pulsar NS160 with ABS along with some other ‘interesting‘ change or something else…?