All the FIVE Changes of Faired Pulsar 180F Listed

55 watt projector headlamp is among the major Pulsar 180F changes that have been incorporated on the oldest surviving Pulsar brand…

After first leaks, Bajaj has officially updated its website revealing all the details of the new Pulsar 180F which they are calling as Pulsar 180 Neon. Let us list all the changes the motorcycle has received…

Pulsar 180F Changes

As compared to the existing naked Pulsar 180, the new faired version gets..

  • Half Fairing – Obviously, the biggest change is the inclusion of the semi-fairing from the Pulsar 220 which has remained one of the best sellers for the brand. This is expected to provide the rider an extra bit of resistance from wind blasts on long rides. It also aesthetically improves the look and the motorcycle now appears bigger and more substantial.
  • Projector Headlamps – The second biggest change, for good, is the inclusion of vertically stacked 55 watt projector headlamps. The current 180 is equipped with 35 watt bulbs. So, expect a lot better illumination during darks.
  • No Oil Cooling – Unlike the Pulsar 220, the 180 remains air cooled and doesn’t get that oil-cooler ahead of the engine.
  • Weight Increment – All these changes have meant that the Pulsar 180F weighs as much as six kilograms more than the naked 180 (Naked 180 – 145 kg, 180F – 151 kg). This brings it closer to the Pulsar 220’s kerb weight of 155 kg.
  • Underbelly Cowl – Also introduced from the Pulsar 220 is a new underbelly engine cowl.
Pulsar 180F Changes

Pulsar 180 Price

Pulsar 180Rs 85,523
Pulsar 180F NeonRs 87,002

*both prices ex-showroom Delhi

This is a very reasonable hike of only Rs 1479 which gets you a fresher colour theme, more substantial road presence and better illumination in dark.

Pulsar 180F Changes

Ironically, this is still a non-ABS version but expect Bajaj to launch the single-channel ABS Pulsar 180F very soon in the market.

Pulsar 180F Preview Video

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So, with this, the new Pulsar 180F will attract a lot of prospect buyers of the Pulsar 220. But the bigger idea is not to lose out customers because of the new (higher) placement of the Pulsar 220 which was necessitated by the ABS mandate.

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Only time will tell if this will turn out to be a master-stroke or if it will be a futile attempt like the Pulsar 220 streetfighter which was discontinued soon after launch. Do share your views…