Brand New Pulsar 220 – A Surprise From Bajaj Auto

Expect the unexpected! Bajaj is going aggressive and on a rampage. In keeping up with the promise made by Bajaj to launch six bikes in the first half of the year, Bajaj is busy launching another ‘surprise’. After the ‘loaded’ upgrade to Pulsar 180 2009 edition, reports have it saying that Bajaj would launch an all new Pulsar 220 which they say would be the fastest bike in India. The bike would sport the same 220cc mill from the earlier Pulsar 220 but would have Bajaj’s DTSi technology in place of DTS-Fi. That means the bike would be carburated and will do away with the Fuel injection.

Despite the move-back to carburetor from Fuel Injector, Bajaj says this bike would be the fastest Indian bike which is expected to attain a true top speed of more than 140kmph which would make it a tad above than the existing Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi. Also expected is that the bike will blast away to 0-60 and 0-100 kmph faster than the earlier version. Mileage is expected to suffer somewhat because of the lack of Fuel Injection especially while long touring.

Now here comes the decider! Speculations have it saying that the bike would be priced way below the current FI version. The bike is expected to be priced around Rs.70,000 ex-showroom Delhi (yes….you read it right) which would make the bike around 15,000 lesser than the existing Fuel Injected version which currently sells for Rs.85,000 ex-showroom. All this is leading to make us believe that Bajaj would dispense off the existing Pulsar 200 and this new bike would replace it which would make this bike the most practical bike in India by far. The bike is expected to sport an all-black theme reminiscent to Pulsar 200 and might do-away with some existing tit-bits.

Many would question about the decision to shed off Fuel Injector, but our sixth sense is predicting that there would be another surprise in the waiting (goshh..we have become so addicted to surprises by Bajaj) we might see another ‘Big’ bike in the near future loaded with Fuel Injection and all the latest gizmos and technologies which Bajaj is known for. It must be known that Bajaj was going through a lean patch in terms of the bikes sold a few months back and this launch clearly suggests that Bajaj doesn’t want to let it go. This bike will certainly boost Bajaj the much needed volumes from this segment as well.

Bajaj has already launched XCD135, Pulsar 150 and Pulsar 180 2009 versions this year in keeping with the promise of launching six bikes during initial year and this would be the fourth bike of the promised lot. This bike would directly compete with the newly launched TVS Apache RTR 180, Hero Honda Karizma, Yamaha FZ 16/S and (soon to be launched) Fazer in terms of price and Yamaha R15 in terms of performance. Bajaj sure is taking the game ahead and we at would keep you updated of all the happenings and updates from this stable. Keep logging in for more scoop and the latest updates on this bike.

Information Source: | Bajaj Auto Press