XCLUSIVE: Pulsar 200SS Power Figures Revealed; Price & More Dope Inside

Yesterday, a few pics of Pulsar 200SS from some event in Turkey had everyone stand up and take notice. We are still unsure of what the event was about and feel it could have been some official showcase or unveiling event or some dealership-level event.


Nonetheless, what it gave us is absolutely clear pics and a confirmation of how the final product will look like. We sat back and tried to do some more homework to grasp some more information and here is some more dope on its power output and prices…

Pulsar 200SS Sneaking Bits

  • Pulsar 200SS will share Pulsar 200NS’ engine but will be fuel injected.
  • The fuel injected Pulsar 200SS produces 24.4PS of power output which is about 1PS higher than the current carb Pulsar 200NS of India.
  • Bajaj already sells fuel injected Pulsar 200NS in Turkey which (according to Bajaj’s Global site) produces 23.52PS of power. However, these figures according to Bajaj’s official Turkey site stand at 24.4PS. We will leave it to you to decide which one is true…
  • It has not been confirmed whether the Pulsar 200SS comes with ABS or not.


Pulsar 200SS Price

Here comes the most interesting bit. Bajaj has priced the new Pulsar 200SS in Turkey at 9999 TL (Turkish Lira) which equates to about 2.89 Lakhs in INR after conversion. Obviously, these figures do not make any sense until we bring in the Turkish prices of Pulsar 200NS.

According to Bajaj’s official Turkish site, Pulsar 200NS is priced at 7371 TL which equates to 2.06 Lakhs in INR. Simply put, Pulsar 200SS costs about 83,000 (in INR) more than the 200NS which is a hefty 35 percent price increment. Point to note here is that even the Pulsar 200NS in Turkey is fuel injected as we have said earlier.


Carburetted Pulsar 200NS in India is priced at about 85,000 INR ex-showroom in Delhi. Extrapolating a similar price increment in percentage, this pegs Pulsar 200SS’ ex-showroom price between Rs 1.15-1.20 Lakhs which is definitely on the higher side. We expect the motorcycle to cost Rs 1.2-1.25 Lakh for the on-road price at least in Delhi.

Please note the above calculated figures are just for reference purposes and gives us a hint of how it could be. However, pricing of a motorcycle is just not a simple extrapolation of similar percentage differences between two countries…  🙂

But the confirmed good news is that Bajaj’s first ever fully faired gorgeous looking Pulsar 200SS is coming soon to us and is a wee bit more powerful…

Pulsar 200SS Pics featured on this page credit: Rakesh Gowda

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