When the first time Bajaj Auto revealed Pulsar 200NS, thrilled bike enthusiasts in the country began waiting for Pulsar 200NS to hit the showroom. Bajaj Auto first declared that it will launch Pulsar 200NS sometime in April. However, the motorcycle has not hit showroom till date. But, the wait for Pulsar 200NS is over now. According to Rajiv Bajaj’s exclusive interview with CNBC TV-18, Pulsar 200NS will hit the showroom in Maharashtra in the next week. The company will launch Pulsar 200NS in phased manner and it is expected to be available countrywide by the month of July.

2012 Pulsar 200NS Price in India

He said that Pulsar 200NS will be priced just under Rs. 1 lakh and the company is aiming to produce 2,500 units in the month of June and then the company will produce it according to demand from the month of July. The export of Pulsar 200NS will start from the month of August. The company expects to sell around 10,000 -15,000 units a month after 2-3 months period.  In another interview, Rajiv Bajaj said that the current Pulsar series will be continued and the company will launch a new Pulsar every year from now onwards.

As we know that Bajaj Auto and KTM are developing an engine with the capacity of above 350cc, one can hope that the next Pulsar will incorporate bigger engine and with every passing year the engine capacity will be increased.  It is also interesting to see how Pulsar 200NS will be received in the export market. Pulsar 135 LS is a big hit in the export market and it is very well received in Asia’s most competitive and technology advanced market Indonesia.  The same is expected with Pulsar 200NS. However, only time can tell us the true story.

More Pics and tech specs of Pulsar 200NS.

Video Preview of the new Pulsar 2012 Bike is available here.

-Mahavir Kothari

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  • Pulsarboy

    P200NS is certainly going to create headaches for R15 & CBR150/250 and even for Duke 200 itself, if it’s priced below 1 lakh. As always it’s VFM pricing is going to ensure success.

    • vijay

      true said…..

      • vijay

        Yamaha FZ series are also feeling heat from Pulsar 200 NS….Many user’s are saying that dropped the idea for purchasing FZ…..

    • chirag

      Your name says it all. But just go thru some ownership experiences of ktm duke manufactured by bajaj, it has got a whole lot of issues already and people say it doesnt suite the indian climate. And even bajaj had issues with p200ns, so they delayed its launch and will be producing only 2500 units before doing a mass production to get customer feedback. They will do same thing as they are doing for duke. They will rectify their errors in mass production by selling the not so perfect bikes just to get a feedback. Dont be a fanboy sire, be a true rider..

  • 2500 units, that is too low.

  • surely

    Indonesian pulsar lovers are waiting 200NS…. coming soon!!

  • mak

    why this bike is delayed soo much ? Seems to be caught with serious issues. Even bajaj declared that they will be selling pilot lots to customer for there feedback. Issues obseved will be incorporated in mass production version which will be launched after july

  • praveen

    r15 no match fr 200 ns and e1 duke….. eagerly waiting fr it..


    its like pulsar 135….

  • Satyam bajaj

    Eagerly waiting for pulsar 200ns.. A superb bike..

  • *Lone Wolf*

    Bajaj is known for using people as Test Dummy’s. If this 200NS is released then god knows what issues it has. After acquiring feedback from buyers, bajaj will make adjustments. This cycle will go on say… some UG1 to UG infinity. Next year they will then add several spark plugs to platina and boast it as “City Sports, with the power of karishma” all in just 45990/- and people will rejoice “WOW” this is a indian company challenging foreign company and BEST BIKE EVER. The sentence will end with our National Anthem.

    All i try to say is WAIT at least for some three months and see what is going on with the 200NS buyers and decide yourself then.

  • tushar

    watch out all specification and details of new upcoming bike Bajaj pulsar 200SS(super sporty bike) with price and launching date here http://planetgamex.com/2012/05/28/bajaj-pulsar-200ss-specification-and-all-details-with-price/

    • chirag

      Please dont spread rumors. I know you can be fairly good with photoshop to make such fake fairing.

  • dream
  • ahamad smayil

    i want to buy pulsar 200NS and before 4 months i m waiting for launching this bike.can any body tell me that when it will launch in market….

  • Shashi kumar

    It wil be gonna big hit among al the bikes

  • apache rtr

    its a mixing of all previous bikes. Design like old pulsar 135 model, petal disc technology of tvs, Front look like fz, only 12 litre fuel tank Nthng special

  • Aky

    This bike has got killer looks,people turn their heads when I am on the road. Mileage is excellent, I am from Mumbai and I am getting around 42 kmpl in the city which is very good for a 200 cc engine . But like everything has advantages and disadvantages, this bike is also not free from some of the minus points. I used to have a TVS Apache RTR 160 and I feel that the suspension or may be the tires on the 200 ns is harder . My wife also feels the same and complains about it all the time. Again rear brakes are less effective solo, but when applied simultaneously both front and rear the bike stops instantly on spot. I am also having problems with the pickup . The initial pickup is ok but it struggles in climbing fly overs and other such inclined plains . I hope that this problem will be resolved after the first servicing. Another minus point is the split design of the rear mudguard, it hardly gives any protection from the mud. But since the idea behind the design of this bike is dirt bike type its ok. So overall I will give an 8 out of 10 as of now since I m not happy with the pick up and torque of this bike, if anyone else is experiencing the same problem then please comment and help me change my views.