Jawa is Okay But Where are the FOUR Mojos You Promised Mahindra?

Any new Mojo launch planned? Where are the promised four Mojos? As a result of the neglect, Mojo has fallen to its worst sales…!

After having understood that it won’t be able to make a cut in the extremely competitive commuter bike segment, Mahindra officially conducted a press meet to announce its shift of focus from mainstream entry level bikes to the premium ones, back in 2016. It went onto officially declare that it would launch FOUR new Mojos within a timeframe of two years (more details).

The company even elaborated that it had intentions to develop adventure, street and cruiser models on Mojo’s platform.

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Fast forward to the end of this decade and we are yet to see a SINGLE NEW motorcycle based on the Mojo under Mahindra’s brand. The company has already overshot the announced launch timeframe without any update on the sub brand.

Because of this neglect, Mojo’s sales have fallen to its worse numbers. It has dispatched only 179 units this fiscal according to the SIAM sales data we have. Last year, because of the absence of the ABS variant, the model could only do 80 units overall (Apr-Nov 2019 numbers)!

Why this is disappointing is because – as a product we really like Mojo. It has a brilliant engine, quite a thrusty mid-range pull and nice cruising capabilities. But it seems Mahindra has lost trust in its own brand and hence it is working on similar platform machines but under different brands like Jawa and Peugeot.

Recently, Mahindra launched the updated BS6 Mojo in funkier color shades…

Mojo-Based 300cc Peugeot P2X ‘Mainly for Asian Markets’, Distributor Reveals

New Mojo Launch?

Will Mahindra launch the promised four Mojos, what is the update on them? These are the questions which remain unanswered at this point of time! It looks like, Mojo will continue to be a low cost project and alive till it can survive, just on the books.

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Without any real push from the company, there is very little that we expect from Mahindra on it.