Karizma ZMR was launched in 2009 as a more premium version of the Karizma R. The full fairing, different headlamps cluster, rear disc brakes, digital speedo and most importantly fuel injected motor differentiated it from the R. Mechanically though, it had the same engine.


Fuel injection helped it to churn out slightly more power and torque. The top speed is also more than its carbureted sibling. But, because of its heavenly weight, it did not have any significant advantage in terms of performance over the regular Karizma. And because of its disproportional looks, it was not anyway near as big a hit as the original Karizma was/is.

In the new iteration, Hero has lent both the twins absolutely similar looks and the lone major cosmetic change is the half-fairing on the Karizma and full fairing on the ZMR.

We have listed all the changes, colours and brochure of 2014 Karizma yesterday, today we put the ZMR through its specs comparison and changes vis-a-vis the older ZMR.

Here are the official specs:

Specification Old Karizma ZMR New 2014 Karizma ZMR
Engine 223cc air cooled, oil cooled fuel injection OHC 223cc air cooled, oil cooled fuel injection OHC
Max Power 17.6 BHP @7000rpm 20 BHP @8000rpm
Peak Torque 18.35Nm @6000rpm 19.7Nm @6500rpm
Top speed 126kmph 129kmph
Acceleration 0-60 in 3.7s 0-60 in 3.6s
Transmission 5 speed 5 speed
Fuel tank 15.3L 15.3L
Kerb weight 159kg 157kg
Front tire size 80/100 18-47 P 80/100 18-47 P
Rear tire size 100/90 18-56 P 120/80 18-62 P


Differences in old ZMR & new 2014 ZMR:

  • Power Increase: The fairly significant increase of 2.4 bhp comes at 1000 rpm higher. This may mean a wider powerband as well as a higher top end grunt.
  • Torque Increase: Peak torque has also increased by 1.35 Nm and it also comes 500 rpm later. This should translate into better riding behavior with lesser gear shifts.
  • Higher Top Speed: More power means more top speed! New ZMR tops the speedo at a claimed 129kmph. This is 3kmph higher than the outgoing ZMR.
  • Faster Acceleration: There has been a very slight boost in acceleration. New 2014 ZMR reaches 60kmph 0.1 second earlier, as claimed!
  • Reduced Weight: Contrary to 2014 Karizma (which has gained 4 kgs), new ZMR has lost those all important 2kgs and tips the scale at 157kgs.
  • Wider Tires: The new ZMR also gets a 120mm wider rear tyre. They were already tubeless.

Things which weren’t changed after all:

  • Fuel capacity of 15.3L has remained constant, which still seems to be a pretty decent.
  • The front and rear brakes continue to be 276mm & 240mm, both discs. However, no ABS even as an option.
  • Same 35W halogens continue. Wish Hero had introduced 55watts, if not projectors! Pilot LEDs look good and the tail lamp is interestingly weird.
  • Chassis, transmission and other parts remain the same.
  • Same suspension, which continues to be adjustable in 5 ways, but still no mono suspension.

Cosmetic Changes:

  • The fairing on the new ZMR is marginally better looking than the new R (on which it appears to end abruptly)!
  • The head lamps have a love it or hate it kind of look but as compared to the ugly older fairing, this is slightly better.
  • Split seats are subtle and lack the good-looks quotient. But they do appear to be comfortable. A ride will tell the true story.


Available Colour Options:

The new Karizma ZMR continues to be offered in the same set of four color options:

  • Blazing Red
  • Panther Black Metallic
  • Spotlight White
  • Vibrant Orange

All the four colors are displayed on this page.


New Karizma ZMR prices:

  • Ex-showroom Mumbai: Rs 1,03,458
  • On-Road Mumbai: ~ Rs 1.17 Lakhs
  • On-Road Pune: Rs 1,16,886

2014 Karizma ZMR Brochure:

Click on the following pic to open 2014 ZMR’s brochure in PDF.


ZMR is currently Hero’s flagship motorcycle on offer, until the new 31PS HX250R makes way. As with the new Karizma, Hero doesn’t offer 2014 ZMR with ABS and mono-shocks. Will it be able to sell in its new facelifted avatar? You tell us…

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  1. The earlier version of the ZMR used to gasp for breath at anything over 110 kmph, reaching the company claimed 126 kmph was almost impossible, unless there was significant tailwind. The new ZMR should hopefully be more competent in maintaining higher speeds on a 4/6 lane highway. There were issues of hard gear-shifts and heating on the earlier ZMR, hopefully the re-designed fairing should take care of the heat. Equipping the bike with 120 section rear tyre would make no sense unless its soft compound rubber, the previous ZMR tyres were not good at all on wet roads.

    • On the contrary, I could reach 120 kmph (as per my speedo) on my Karizma R without breaking so much sweat , going beyond that speed is a pain, but you could hit 125 at around 7000-7500RPM and as you said its a long wait to get there. I agree with harder gear shifts, heating problems and lack of sufficiently wider tyres though and I can add one more issue, the front fairing noise when you hit a rough road, which is really irritating and to an extent…embarrassing. I hope all the problems are suppressed in this, alteast on HX250

      • Hi Prakash. I completely agree with you that the Karizma R can reach 120 kmph even with a pillion, however the earlier ZMR felt a tad under-powered as compared to the R.

  2. No major changes achieved in this new ZMR. Bike makers should do significant changes as per customer requirements..bcoz to stand in such high compitition as number of different segments in the market are avilable.. customer has a choice.. same thing i oberved in new CBZ extreme …. no major changes observed as compared with old cbz extreme.

    Expecting more…!!! from Hero & Honda….!!!!

  3. Old model Karizma r with few mods would have made hero a success in this segment. Mods are:
    1. Headlight 55/60W, LED tail light
    2. Power 20-24 Bhp (Hope it can be delivered by the same engine)
    3. Tyres 120mm wide rear & 100mm front
    4. Though I prefer current handle bar in old Karizma, there are many people preferring clip-ons. let the engineers decide which is better for touring, city ride, cornering n al
    5. Prefer fuel injection
    6. Rear disk, can be the same as in zmr

    As said, these will be only minor changes for a company to build on our of which few of them are already available in other Hero bikes. Please do note that rest all looks of the older model is to be maintained.

    By the way, am a proud owner of 2009 Karizma r

  4. huh it still doesnt have that much power to compete with pulsar 220…..
    a2z copy of eric buell ebr….
    hero has proved that its a copy cat…..


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