Anand Mahindra Hints at New BSA Motorcycle: Expected to be 500-750cc RE Challenger

BSA Motorcycles launch expected in a year or so…

Anand Mahindra has reignited the hype surrounding new BSA motorcycles. In a Tweet, he shared an old ad of BSA motorcycles and hinted at a new motorcycle which they are developing. Here is his Tweet…

These are clear hints that the motorcycle in question will be a retro classic, however, there is no more information that could be deciphered.

Earlier, Mahindra announced its two-wheeler re-jig. The iconic British motorcycle brand BSA was acquired by Classic Legends, a firm in which Mahindra owns a 60 percent stake now. Speaking to MCN, a senior member of their two-wheeler department’s management revealed some interesting bits of info.

BSA Motorcycles Launch

Mr Rajesh Jejurikar, President and CEO of Mahindra two-wheelers, confirmed that the first ‘bikes’ will hit showrooms by 2019. This is in line with what Mahindra supremo had announced in a press conference that the first new product under the BSA badging will be revealed in two years time. 

BSAs Goldstar. Pic Credit – Classic British Motorcycles

Mr Jejurikar added:

“We want to bring back the aura of BSA, while also bringing back a commitment to honest engineering. To achieve this we have Classic Legends [a subsidiary of Mahindra], which will allow us to move into the premium and niche segments.”

The report added that Mahindra also owns the name ‘Gold Star’, so if you were hoping for the iconic badging to be revived in a modern day cafe racer form, you might be in luck. Speaking about the engine displacement, he confirmed that the powertrain will be a large capacity one, displacing somewhere between 500 cc to 750 cc.


Goldstar was one of the most successful BSA’s ever produced. One of the fastest motorcycles of 1950s, it was introduced in 1937 and had 350 and 500 cc single cylinder engine variants.

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We are definitely up for some ‘fun’ times however, by ‘we’, we mean the international markets, since Mahindra has confirmed that the BSA brand is for the non-domestic markets, at least for now! Instead of this, they have bought the branding rights for the legendary Czechoslovakian bike maker Jawa which will be manufactured and launched in India (and exported to a few neighbouring nations). The BSA bikes will be made either in France or at a possible location in the UK. If you want to know more read : Mahindra buys BSA, 10 pointers you should know!