New Apache 200 SmartXonnect: Six Interesting Features

Apache 200 SmartXonnect displays some cool and useful information on the instrument console once it is paired with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

TVS is taking its SmartXonnect to most of its premium products. We saw it first on the sporty scooter Ntorq 125 and the latest product to get it is the Apache 200. SmartXonnect is a fancy name for an instrument console which can connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth and show a lot more information than the conventional clusters. You can read the launch story of the new Apache 200 here.

Let us quickly list all the features of Apache 200’s instrumentation.

Apache 200 SmartXonnect Features

Turn by Turn Navigation – Once you route your destination on Google maps, the console on the motorcycle can provide you turn-by-turn navigation easing your ride. We recently saw this feature on Hero Xpulse 200.

Important Phone Alerts – The instrumentation flashes the names (if saved in the phonebook) or numbers of the calls or SMS’ you receive. Based on the importance of the calls/msgs you can decide if you want to stop to attend them.

Lean Angle Mode – With the help of a gyroscope sensor in the motorcycle, the system informs you about your lean angle on your track days.

Crash Alert – In case of an unfortunate fall, the app enters crash alert mode and within 180 seconds notifies (pre-set) emergency contact numbers about the rider’s crash and his location. This has been explained in the video we have embedded in this article.

Apache 200 smartxonnect features
Screenshot of the TVS Connect App

Dedicated information switch – There is a dedicated information control switch on the switchgear which helps you navigate through the options on the move.

Low fuel Alert with Assist – In case you are on a ride and are about to run out of fuel, just press the information switch and it will route you to the nearest fuel station. Very helpful we say!

Apart from this you have the Race Telemetry features like lap timer, highest speed clocked etc. You also have a Tour mode – helpful during long distance rides.

Apache 200 SmartXonnect Features Video

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You can download the single mobile application for all TVS’ motorcycles and scooters called as ‘TVS Connect‘ to use all these features. It is available on both Google Play store as well as Apple iOS App store.

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Apache 200 is the only motorcycle in this segment to offer such kind of interesting features. Though a late joiner here, but gradually, TVS is taking the game higher. To know how good is it on the road, read our detailed review.