New Dominar Coming After April 2020, Says Bajaj

Let us hope that the 2020 Dominar launch turns out to be a well-priced, mid-sized, all-terrain, long distance Adventure tourer…

Bajaj has received a lukewarm response for its Dominar 400 despite debuting the first product at shocking prices initially. In its engine capacity and price range, it is doing decent numbers but they are nowhere near what Bajaj has aspired for initially. In order to pump up the acceptability, Bajaj recently launched the 2019 version with a significant power bump and many other changes.

It is well known that Dominar is not just one motorcycle and instead, it will be a brand just like Pulsar. This means that this umbrella brand will also encompass different models like how Bajaj offers many motorcycles under the Pulsar brand – like Pulsar 220, Pulsar NS200, the newest Pulsar 125, etc.

This is one of the major reasons why the 375cc engined motorcycle was given an all new branding. Because if Bajaj would have continued with its strong Pulsar brand on the plethora of upcoming offerings on this 375 platform, it would have caused a lot of confusion.

2020 Dominar Launch (Variants & New Products)

In a latest update, Rakesh Sharma, Executive Director, Bajaj Auto, revealed that the company has busy 18 months as it has lined up many new launches. In fact, it is ‘sequencing‘ that is a bigger concern. The upcoming lineup will comprise Husqvarna, KTMs, Dominars and Pulsar. Further, he said that there may be a ‘lull’ between now and April 2020, but next year will be filled with new product launches.

We have a robust pipeline of launches for the next 18 months. Our problem is sequencing. These are Husqvarna, high-end KTMs, Dominars, Pulsar and other variants. One might see a lull between now and April, though there are couple of introductions, and an accelerated product introduction after April, 2020..

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2020 Dominar launch
The 2019 Dominar comes with higher power, DOHC engine, dual barrel exhaust, USDs and many other significant changes…

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He did not reveal the specifics of the upcoming motorcycles so we are unsure of what product form(s) is Bajaj conceiving under that Dominar brand. There have been various speculations about the Dominar plate adorning an adventure version and let us hope this next year’s product turns out to be a well-priced mid-size ADV.

Quote source – MoneyControl