How About This NAKED? Presenting Radical Ducati Metador Racing! [6 Pics]

Looking at the Radial Ducati (RAD) Metador one would be excused in thinking that the bike is not completely built yet. It looks like an unfinished job and it gives one the impression that it is a dropout from a motorcycle assembly plant. As far as ‘naked’ bikes go this Metador is as naked as Adam in the Garden.

Matador _9

This unashamedly naked bike is designed and assembled using Ducati components and parts and the perpetrators are a small company known as Radical Ducati. They are based in Madrid, Spain.

The Metador uses the same all aluminum platform as Ducati’s Streetfighter 1098. It is powered by a Ducati Testastretta Evoluzione engine with ported heads, lightened flywheel, and EVR slipper clutch. There is no official word about the exact power output of Metador but the 1198SP engine in 1198 sport bike produced around 170 hp and 131.6 Nm. 1198 was discontinued by Ducati in 2011.

The minimalist design and liberal use of aluminum and composites means the bike weighs in just around 138 kg. The front plate number, “tail fish” megaphone, and RAD 02 aluminum fuel tank together give the Metador its signature Radical Ducati look.

Matador _35 (1)

If the RAD Metador was a culinary dish, the list of ingredients would run like this:

  • RAD 02 Aluminum frame
  • RAD 02 Aluminum subframe
  • RAD 02 Aluminum swingarm
  • RAD 02 ergal triple clamps yokes
  • Öhlins front fork
  • Brembo calipers
  • Discacciati Brake and Clutch radial pump
  • Discacciati rotors
  • Domino quick open gas throttle
  • RAD 02 ergal clip ons
  • RAD carbon fiber front mudguard
  • RAD carbon fiber rear mudguard
  • Discacciati rear brake kit with support, 200mm rear rotor and four piston caliper
  • Öhlins rear shock
  • RAD 02 Ergal regulable rear height rod
  • Rizoma footrest
  • Ducati 1198 SP engine: ported heads, lightened flywheel, EVR slipper clutch
  • Febur race water radiator
  • RAD 02 carbon fiber airbox with Jet Prime special air intakes with holders for injectors.
  • Super Mario 2 in1 exhaust system
  • RAD “tail fish” megaphone
  • RAD carbon fiber bellypan
  • NGK race spark cables.
  • RAD 02 electrical wiring
  • Aviacompositi race dashboard
  • Baylistic LIPO battery
  • ITX Aluminum forged wheels
  • RAD 02 Aluminum fuel tank
  • RAD 02 carbon fiber Corsa Evo solo seat
  • RAD front plate number

With barebasic raw looks, this Ducati looks awesome to us. If you did not have a good view, check out the following  gallery: