Suzuki To Launch Another 250cc Soon; Could Cost ~1.5 Lakh

Naked Gixxer 250 launch in the coming few months – will be an interesting preposition in the quarter liter segment

Couple of days back Suzuki forayed into the quarter liter segment again by launching the India-specific Gixxer SF 250 – a full faired sports motorcycle. It has received rave first reviews and will provide a worthy upgrade option to the lakhs of current Gixxer 150 owners.

Naked Gixxer 250 Launch

Suzuki has followed a two-motorcycle approach in the 150cc segment. On the same platform, they sell the naked Gixxer as well as the faired Gixxer SF. According to Bikewale, they will carry over the same strategy to the 250cc segment as well. Which means, soon, within the next few months, Suzuki will launch the Gixxer 250, which will be the naked version of the Gixxer SF 250.

It will continue to be powered by the same 249 cc single cylinder, oil cooled, fuel injected, SOHC engine and may also produce the same 26.5 PS of peak power and 22.6 Nm of maximum torque. It is likely to carry over the same body design, sans the fairing obviously. Instead, Suzuki may plonk an LED headlamp on the streetfighter. Suzuki may also take the clip-ons away and as a result, Gixxer 250 is likely to be lighter by 2-5 kgs and may be slightly zestier inside city roads.

Naked Gixxer 250 Launch
This is the recently launched Gixxer SF 250

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But what is good news is the expected price. Naked Gixxer 250 is expected to cost Rs 1.50-1.60 Lakh which means you can have the similar hardware of the SF at Rs 10,000-20,000 lesser. With the combined duo of the 250, Suzuki will definitely have a more comprehensive lineup in this segment which will also have a broader appeal. At around the 1.50 lakh mark, a 26 bhp Suzuki would be compelling as well…