Naked Apache 310 – Will it Cost This Much?

My Naked Apache 310 price estimate puts it bang between the quarter liter Duke and the full faired Apache RR 310. What do you think…?

We are just moments away from the official launch of the naked Apache 310. The global motorcycle will be unveiled at an event in Bangkok that will start at around 7 PM IST. Just before that I try to quickly guesstimate the possible price tag and here it is…

Naked Apache 310 Price Estimate

At that price tag that I mentioned in the video above, TVS will present its streetfighter as a great alternate for people who love street nakeds. It can also sit slightly above the quarter liter Duke so that is able to justify its displacement advantage.

And even then, it can cost about Rs 20,000 lesser than the faired sibling and about Rs 35,000 lower than the far cousin BMW G310 R. Any significantly lower price tag than this may project the naked Apache as a lesser motorcycle than the 250 Duke – a strategy that TVS may want to avoid.

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But then, that is just my estimation. It will be interesting to see what the discussion in TVS’ boardrooms had been and what will be the actual landing price of probably the most important motorcycle for TVS in its dream to go global – the naked Apache 310!