‘Mystery Motorcycle’ New Honda Shine SP Launch on 19th Nov – Only We Have its Conclusive Pic

Honda has scheduled an event on 19th of November,¬†invitations of which read ‘Get Ready for More‘ with a veiled motorcycle pic. They have two upcoming launches – Hornet 160R and the ‘Mystery Motorcycle’ which were teased/showcased at the August 4th RevFest.

The latest news coming from the block is that for the Hornet you will have to wait for a few more weeks and the upcoming event is the launch of the CB Shine SP which is the mystery motorcycle revealed in an exclusive by BikeAdvice on 12th November (link to report). The glimpse of the motorcycle from a pamphlet you see on this page is the only conclusive pic of Shine SP available over the internet.

Shine SP will be a slightly more premium version of the regular Shine which is the largest selling 125 cc in the market at the moment. The SP gets minor sportier design changes and will come with the same 125 cc engine possibly with some tweaks and power increment.

Honda CB 125 Shine SP

With its recent products, Honda has hinted that they will use their existing brands to build on their hold; for example Activa 125 (which uses the famous Activa brand name) and now this – Shine SP.

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Placementwise, it will sit over Shine but is not a direct replacement of the sporty semi-faired Stunner which has been discontinued recently. Honda’s sales in the 125 cc segment are falling and they would want to plug the gap with the new SP. Let us then wait for the official details… Stay tuned…